Nico Danilovich

Photo of Nico Danilovich
Orange County, CA
Dodge College Of Film And Media Arts At Chapman University
"Shark Tank", Fresh Produce Industry, Agricultural Revolution
  • Nico mixes up a new fantasy-themed cocktail at every session of Dungeons & Dragons he runs for his friends.
  • Before writing professionally, Nico worked for a handful of years in TV production at studios such as Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Marvel.
  • He also has real-world foodservice experience as a Subway sandwich artist and the manager of a popsicle stand, plus his grandfather owns a corn-and-soybean farm.


After beginning a career in the foodservice industry, Nico took a decade-long detour through film school and Hollywood. In recent years -- inspired by his family background in farming -- Nico started writing bi-monthly reports on the fruits-and-veggies industry for “Produce Blueprints,” the Blue Book’s fresh-commodity magazine. Lately, he’s covered food entertainment, commodity spotlights, and culinary history for Daily Meal. In his free time, Nico watches cooking shows and pens YA Fantasy novels with settings based on real-world, ancient cultures.


Nico graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dodge College at Chapman University with a BFA in Film Production and a minor in Psychology. His behind-the-scenes expertise plus his ability to see how media influences the mind makes him uniquely qualified to comment on the cultural impact of culinary entertainment.
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