Mellow Mushroom's New Menu Design Is Totally Far Out

Here's some groovy news for all you cool cats: Mellow Mushroom's retro menu is getting a redesign.

Dating back to the '70s, the Atlanta-based pizza company has been providing customers with a zany, welcoming environment for nearly 50 years (via Mellow Mushroom). The locally owned and operated business is big on creating a chill vibe at its locations ("Mellow" is right there in the name, after all) with merchandising and promotional materials that evoke nostalgia for the decade of disco.

And that laid-back vibe is clearly working, as restaurant chains don't make it 40+ years through sheer luck. Times do change, though, and Mellow Mushroom recently announced in a press release sent to Tasting Table it has decided it's time to revamp its menu and release some psychedelic new merch — though the popular pizza company still seems to have peace and love on its mind.

Psychedelic new visuals

People often say we eat with our eyes first, so maybe that's why Mellow Mushroom decided to give its menu a new look. Created by artist Joshua Noom, according to a press release, the art style embraces both nostalgia and modernity, reflecting how Mellow Mushroom carries its '70s identity into the present.

The hand-drawn illustrations employ striking lettering, maximalist colors, and a bright palette inspired by promotional concert flyers and are intended to clue diners into the full flavors of Mellow Mushroom's food. 

On the new menu, customers will find all sorts of offerings, with sections like Munchies, Greens, Stone Baked Pizza, Magic Mocktails, and more; The "Local To Your Mellow" section highlights food sourced from nearby. The menu as a whole also goes out of its way to point out build-your-own, gluten-free, and vegan options, something that seems apt for the cultural movements Mellow Mushroom strives to emulate.

Mellow Mushroom is also rolling out new merch

Mellow Mushroom's changes go beyond just its menu. According to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the new art has also inspired holiday merch sold at the business' related venture The Yellow Room, including a few t-shirt designs, a sweatshirt, and artist-signed posters of the new menu cover.

When Mellow Mushroom fans purchase the new merch, they will not only get some groovy new gear but also do some good. The pizza company has teamed up with the non-profit Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE) and will be donating a portion of sales from the new line. CORE supports restaurant employees with children facing disruptive natural disasters or health crises. CORE's executive director, Sheila Bennett explained how important this support can be, sharing that "many restaurant employees with children ... face adversity when a medical crisis hits or they lose their home or place of work due to a natural disaster." 

A redesigned menu, some swag to match, and a charitable donation — now that's flower power!