Where To Get Cereal-Infused Cocktails

'Breakfast for dinner' takes on a whole new meaning

The nostalgia of cereal-infused milk is undeniable: whether it's peppered with cinnamon or dyed a mysterious hue from multicolored marshmallows. What was once a thing of the past is gloriously manifesting in an adult-friendly format: the cocktail.

From a Cocoa Puff-and-cognac combo to a NOLA-fied Honey Nut Cheerios milk punch, these cereal cocktails from around the country will forever redefine the breakfast-for-dinner game.

① Jumpin' Jack Flash

The Front Yard (Los Angeles, CA)

North Hollywood's retro-chic hotel restaurant is a breeding ground for all things creative, including its roster of inventive cocktails. The Jumpin' Jack Flash is a cinnamon-apple dream, with Don Felix Añejo tequila, Apple Jacks, apple shrub and cinnamon syrup. In other words: It's the brunch cocktail you never knew you needed.

② Granola-Infused Piña Colada

Rouge Tomate (New York City, NY)

Head bartender Cristian Molina updates the classic piña colada by infusing rum with granola of all things. House-made coconut cream, chia seeds, caramelized bananas, sherry, pineapple, and coconut butter and toasted coconut syrups take this island breakfast situation to the next level.

③ Breakfast of Champions

Seven Lamps (Atlanta, GA)

In the aptly named Breakfast of Champions cocktail, beverage director Vinnie Dugan combines Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon, Camus VS cognac, simple syrup, Hoodoo chicory liqueur and Cocoa Puff-soaked milk. The drink is shaken and strained into a coupe, then garnished with a few Cocoa Puffs (obviously).

④ Good Luck Charms

Allora Italian Kitchen & Bar (Queens, NY)

Bartender Danny Rothman curates the cocktail menu at Allora Italian Kitchen & Bar, a family restaurant whose beverage program is unlike anything else in Queens. Rothman's Good Luck Charms cocktail incorporates cherry vodka, orange curaçao, Campari, pomegranate syrup and heavy cream. The concoction is shaken and strained into a cocktail glass, then garnished with a generous amount of marshmallows and Lucky Charms.

⑤ Summer Cereal Cocktail

Cafe Clover (New York City, NY)

Cocktail legend Johnny Swet puts his spin on the cereal cocktail by making the cereal itself the main focus of this drink. Cafe Clover's Summer Cereal Bowl involves a cup of cold milk, Combier peach liqueur, a handful of blueberries and a cup of Corn Flakes. It's literally a bowl of cereal with booze.

⑥ Ramos' Cereal Milk

Belcampo (Santa Monica, CA)

This cocktail, the brainchild of bartender Josh Goldman, is basically a Fruity Pebbles take on the Ramos Gin Fizz, with Fords Gin, lemon, lime, Fruity Pebbles-infused cream, an egg white, soda and orange oil.

⑦ Honey Buzz Milk Punch

SoBou (New Orleans, LA)

If there's one drink that's synonymous with New Orleans (besides chicory coffee), it's milk punch. SoBou, owned by the legendary family behind Commander's Palace and Brennan's, is one of NOLA's newer must-hit cocktail dens, thanks largely to bar maven Laura Bellucci. Her Honey Buzz Milk Punch features Honey Nut Cheerios-infused dark rum, El Guapo Holiday Pie bitters, honey syrup and milk.

⑧ Cereal Killer

Metropole (Cincinnati, OH)

The 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati is home to Metropole, a romantic ode to Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. The Cereal Killer cocktail is made of Cinnamon Toast Crunch-infused rum, Kahlúa, Famous Grouse Scotch whisky, and apple pie and orange bitters, all stirred and strained into a rocks glass.