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Kellogg's teams up with Milk Bar's Christina Tosi to open a cereal bar
Kellogg's NYC
Photo: Courtesy of Kellogg's NYC

Because pouring yourself a bowl of Cheerios or Corn Flakes in the morning is just so last year, cereal giant Kellogg’s is opening a cereal café of sorts, called Kellogg’s NYC, in Times Square. The company is getting help from some pretty major restaurant-world talent. Anthony Rudolf, former GM of Per Se and founder of the hospitality-focused Welcome Conference, is a co-owner, and Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi is involved as well.

Here’s how it works: Cereal-starved guests place their order then are given a buzzer. When the buzzer goes off, they are directed to a locker. Inside that locker is their cereal order along with their very own cereal-box treat—because let’s be real, that was always the best part as a kid. The prizes range from the mundane, like a newspaper or banana, to the life changing, like Hamilton tickets, Eater NY reports.

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Prices start at $6.50, but know these aren’t your typical cereal-and-milk combos. There are options like Pistachio & Lemon (Special K Original, Frosted Flakes, pistachios, lemon zest, thyme) or Berry Me in Green Tea (Rice Krispies, fresh strawberries, green tea powder). Mixing and matching is, of course, also allowed for those who want to get even more creative.


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