Muffin Tins Transform Frittatas Into Individual Bites Fit For A Crowd

Frittatas are one of those delightful dishes that fit in at any meal of the day. Add some fruit and potatoes, and you have a balanced breakfast, or pair it with something like an everyday salad with herby lemon vinaigrette for a light and simple lunch or dinner. They also happen to be great for serving at parties, because they're just as tasty at room temperature as they are served warm. You can make them even more crowd-friendly by breaking out the muffin tins and making mini versions.

Using muffin tins to bake frittatas turns them into convenient, cute, and tasty finger foods, and converting a basic recipe couldn't be easier. Simply spray your muffin tin (or prepare it with paper liners), fill with your egg mixture, and bake until the eggs are set. When making your filling, stick to qa simple frittata golden ratio, which applies no matter what type of baking dish you use. You're going for sturdy handheld bites here versus the creamy, custardy consistency of a quiche, so you'll want to use just ½ cup of dairy for every dozen eggs. 

From there, go nuts with whatever other ingredients you want — but to make sure there's a balance of eggs and other ingredients, stick to about ¼ cup of add-ins for each egg. To get you started, we have some creative ideas for dressing up your mini creations.

Go wild with frittata flavor combos

When you make frittatas into individual bites using a muffin tin, you can add different toppings to each cup to appeal to various tastes and dietary needs — perfect for feeding a crowd. Instead of mixing fillings directly into your beaten eggs, pour a little bit of egg into the muffin pan first, and sprinkle different veggies, meats, cheeses, and/or seasonings directly into each well. Top it off with the egg mixture, and you have a variety of different frittatas in a flash. This way, picky kids can enjoy simple egg-and-cheese cups, adults can pick some more robust frittatas, and vegetarians or the dairy-averse can have a little something, too.

Looking for inspiration? We've got you covered! For a classic vegetarian frittata, check out our easy spinach frittata, which is loaded with baby spinach and tangy goat cheese. Or go for a touch of elegance with asparagus and tarragon frittata, which is complemented by a touch of Gruyere. If you enjoy a little sweetness to balance things out, there's always sweet potato and crispy kale frittata. You may notice that all of these recipes call for cooking the veggies first, which is a good rule of thumb to make sure there's not too much liquid in each egg bite. Pre-cooking meats like bacon and sausage is also a good idea, to make sure they're not underdone by the time the eggs are set.