Does Starbucks Serve Breakfast All Day Long?

A cup of coffee and breakfast foods go hand in hand so it makes sense that Starbucks has an array of breakfast sandwiches and other items on its menu. In fact, the coffee giant is one the best fast-food chains for vegetarians because of its items like its longtime favorite spinach, feta, and egg white wrap on its breakfast lineup. Many casual and fast-food chains don't serve breakfast after 10:30 or 11:00 am — so Starbucks might be your go-to if you need a late breakfast to get you going or just have a craving for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for lunch or dinner.

That's because Starbucks serves all of its breakfast menu items all day long including those sandwiches and other options like yogurt parfaits and baked goods such as croissants. There's no hard cut-off time for breakfast — but the caveat is foods are only available until your local cafe runs out. In case you don't know, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches arrive frozen so once its daily supply runs out, that's it for the day. You might not score your go-to Starbucks breakfast sando much later in the day, but there are plenty of other options.

Starbucks' menu features a variety of breakfast items

If a late breakfast fits your schedule or craving, but you aren't too familiar with the Starbucks menu, we've got that handled with a ranking of every Starbucks hot breakfast item so you know what to order and the foods you might want to skip. Its Bacon, Gouda, & Egg Sandwich landed at the top of our ranking. The high-protein breakfast sandwich features applewood-smoked bacon, cage-free eggs, and gouda cheese on an artisan roll.

Starbucks also added egg bites to its lineup in recent years, and its Kale & Mushroom Egg Bites, which took the second spot in the ranking, are ideal if you want to skip the meat and the bread. Don't worry, the chain also sells Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites for meat lovers. Then there are other sandwiches, wraps, and egg bite varieties. Just watch out for any potential bones found in some of the Maple Butter Chicken & Egg Sandwiches at the casual coffee chain if that's your choice.

Save some time and use the Starbucks app to check out what breakfast items are still in stock when you're ready to eat. You can even order ahead of time so it's already prepared when you walk into the cafe — no waiting in line required.