The Original Ratio For A Delicious Aperol Spritz Works Every Time

Few drinks announce a summer holiday quite like a pretty pour of a colorful Aperol spritz. Bubbly on the tongue with the right balance of bittersweetness, these orange-garnished sippers seem made for vacations. We have two Italian brothers to thank for the creation of this light aperitif that offers not only a perfect pre-dinner drink but serves up the kind of colors we like to see while gazing out over a Mediterranean sunset — or simply from our backyard porch — in a delicate wine glass. It took seven years for the brothers to nail the drink recipe, and thankfully for us, it couldn't be easier to pour for ourselves at home.

While the original recipe has gone through plenty of modifications over the years, the basic Aperol Spritz can be made and served by any novice bartender. The easy-to-remember formula is 3-2-1, a convenient ratio of 3 parts Prosecco to 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water. Whether you're carefully measuring out the ingredients or eyeballing your recipe, the color of the drink can also help you assess the strength of the drink you've poured. 

A guaranteed party pleaser

Should you have the original recipe to make an Aperol spritz mastered and decide you want to get a bit more creative, you can keep the original ratio in mind as you experiment with making a tart spritz with rhubarb syrup or an Aperol Spritz flavored with pear. During the holiday season, a peppier Aperol Spritz can be made with Pellegrino Aranciata and Zwack, and for a zingy, bright drink with a neutral color and the same kind of fizz, the Cinque 7 spritz leaves out the orange liqueur and brings in semi-sweet Vermouth di Torino, instead. 

You certainly can't go wrong sticking to the basics, however, and using the reliable 3-2-1 recipe to serve a perfect drink to your friends. This cocktail can be made in batches, too, so guests can help themselves once they've emptied their glasses. Keep the same formula in mind as you fill larger pitchers, and place the pre-made drink at scattered drink stations for guests to pour into glasses filled with as much ice as they please.