A Crescent-Ring Sandwich Is The Easiest Way To Feed A Crowd

It's summertime, and the hangouts are in full swing. Whether it's the new neighbor's cookout, pool parties at your house, or barbecues every other week, no matter what you're doing and where you're going, you're likely to find yourself stretching thin on crowd-feeding ideas. But fear not, we have the perfect way to feed a gaggle of hungry people: Crescent-ring sandwiches.

Let's start with the basics: To make this platter, first prepare a baking sheet or dish by spraying it with oil or lining with parchment paper (or both), then open a can of crescent rolls. Next, lay out one slice, with the flat side toward the middle of the pan and the pointy side toward the edge of the pan. Then, lay another slice slightly overlapping the first, in the same orientation, but turned a little to start forming a curve. Continue this way until you have a circle in the middle and a star-like shape made from the crescent rolls. From here, fill with whatever toppings you like, roll up each slice, and bake according to the can.

This method is great for both casual snacking and a meal, and can be customized to feed picky and adventurous eaters alike. You can double or triple your filling and make as many of these as you want or need; it's perfect for up-or-down-scaling a recipe for a crowd. This technique also, depending on filling, doesn't require too much preparation. Simply make the filling, assemble, cook, and share.

Ideas and inspiration for crescent-ring sandwiches

For a starter version of the crescent-ring sandwich, try converting a homemade Philly cheesesteak. After cooking the veggies and the meat, transfer the filling into each crescent roll (leaving room to roll them up) and top with a slice of provolone cheese before closing them and baking. For a meltier version, try lining the crescent rolls with cheese before filling them, then add the slice to the top as well. Or, for a more picky-eater-approved meal, try sloppy Joe cheesesteak as a filling.

For a vegetable-filled, perhaps more snack-than-meal version, try turning a classic broccoli, cheddar, and roasted garlic panini into a dreamy crescent-roll sandwich. Most everything stays the same with this one, with the exception of the roasted garlic mayonnaise — while you can leave it if you don't mind eating baked mayonnaise, it might be better to leave the mayonnaise out and use it as a dipping sauce (which you can put in a cup and place in the middle of the ring for easy access).

Crescent-roll sandwiches are also perfect for serving up some classics that almost everyone in the crowd is guaranteed to love, like pizza. You can follow a recipe for this one, like a pizza panini, or simply follow your heart; slather sauce on before baking, add desired toppings, and bake. Another classic to turn into a crescent ring is ham and cheese sliders. Just replace the slider buns with crescent rolls, and you're in business. The options really are limitless, so try a few at your next summer gathering. Plus, it's visually appealing and pre-portioned!