For The Absolute Best Summer Spritz, Look No Further Than Boba

Even classic cocktails need the occasional makeover. While we won't deny that timeless tipples are iconic for a reason, they can still be improved. In fact, they can even serve as a blueprint for creative spin-offs, such is the case for a tried-and-true Aperol Spritz. Of the many variations to come from the vibrant and summery cocktail, there's one way to revamp up a spritz that may have yet to cross your mind, and that's by lacing it with boba pearls.

Any drink that boasts beads of chewy tapioca falls into the boba beverage category. Often stored in syrup, the pearls don't offer much flavor beyond a delicate sweetness. This neutrality allows them to contrast nicely with the boldness of a spritz, and juice-filled popping varieties can even impart extra flavor. Flavor aside, the biggest advantage of incorporating boba into a cocktail is what they can do for texture. When added to an effervescent spritz, their soft chewiness provides textural variety, increasing complexity. 

As if you needed more reasons to incorporate boba pearls into your favorite cocktails, tapioca beads can also enhance aesthetics. No matter the spritz, they're able to contribute a dark and daring pop of color. As a result, the pearls can add to the playfulness and whimsy of a summery spritz, leading to a truly memorable sip.

How to boba-ify a spritz

The good news is that all sorts of spritz recipes can be enhanced with boba pearls. Time-honored classics like a spiced Campari spritz or a floral Hugo spritz can benefit just as much as inventive renditions like an herby tomato spritz. Feel free to experiment and concoct your own cocktail by following the formula of 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts liqueur, and 1 part soda water — whatever you create will be an excellent base for boba.

As for how many pearls should be worked into a spritz, this can range from a few tablespoons to half a cup. Ultimately, the ideal amount depends on preference and the size of the cocktail. Just be sure to always use fresh boba; it'll make all the difference texturally. It can even have an effect on flavor, depending on how the beads are processed. For example, making your own flavored tapioca balls or soaking store-bought pearls in a simple syrup of your choosing will grant you full quality control. 

Lastly, think carefully about how to mix and match spritz cocktails and boba beads. While an Aperol spritz might pair stunningly with sweetly tart strawberry boba, a limoncello spritz fares better with blueberry pearls. In contrast, a ​​miso cider spritz could sing with brown sugar-soaked beads. However you play with pairings, one thing is for sure, boba beads will make any spritz better.