The Most Expensive Bottle Of Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Is Aged 60 Years

The Balvenie Sixty is aptly named. This single malt whisky has been barrel-aged in the Scottish Highlands for 60 years, and if you'd like to acquire a bottle for yourself, count on dropping six figures to do so. When the rare whisky was first released in 2022, bottles were sold for $145,000. The Balvenie Sixty is the distillery's oldest release to date.

Originally poured into a single European Hogshead cask in 1962, the date marks the year master distiller David C. Stewart began working at the distillery. In his time at Balvenie, Stewart's list of accomplishments includes The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old and the idea to age whisky in separate casks. Before this double-maturation process, no commercial whisky had been made in this way. Stewart also helped design the Glencairn glass that has cemented itself in whisky-tasting experiences. His impact on the industry earned him recognition as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). 

As a symbolic passing of the torch, bottles of Balvenie Sixty have signatures of both Stewart and Kelsey McKechnie, the distiller who followed Stewart. The packaging is almost as special as the whisky, as bottles are placed inside engraved layered glass lined with gold and brass embellishments. These bottles are ones to add to a collectors' showcase and sipped slowly by anyone lucky enough to sample it.

A bottle to cherish

Since older whiskies can pack a significant punch, matured booze is usually combined with whisky taken from several different casks. This is not the case with The Balvenie Sixty. One cask out of the many sitting at Balvenie was selected for this special creation. The oak cask had previously been used to age Oloroso sherry multiple times, and the single barrel held enough liquid (minus the angels' share) to fill only 71 bottles. Tasting notes include leather, oak, and toffee layers with a nose of lavender and heather. Those with trained palates have also detected roasted coffee and spiced candied orange. 

For those of us who must fantasize about describing our own tasting notes, Balvenie's warehouse manager George Paterson curated a playlist of popular 1962 tunes to complement the drinking experience of The Balvenie Sixty. "I've always enjoyed curating a special playlist based on the specific year of the barrel I'm working on," he told Forbes. "I love how each unique playlist transports me back in time to different eras of music, and appreciate how music evolved over the years, much like our range of whiskies." Even if you're not holding the Balvenie Sixty, hit play, pour yourself a nice dram from a more affordable bottle of Scotch, and dream.