The Fresh Ingredient That Will Elevate The Flavor Of Your Biscuits And Gravy

A staple of any country-style breakfast, biscuits and gravy are a perfect way to start your day. Though its origins are a little fuzzy, so much as a mere mention of the beloved dish conjures up drool-worthy mental images of warm, fluffy biscuits smothered with steamy sausage gravy. When making your own at home, fresh herbs are a key ingredient to enhancing your sausage gravy and taking the comfort food classic to a brand new level. The addition of fresh herbs serves to amplify and complement the herbal notes in your sausage, giving you a great deal of options to choose from.

In a simple sausage gravy recipe, you'll typically use only one type of sausage, whether it's a spiced Italian sausage, a plain pork breakfast sausage, or anything else that tickles your taste buds. When selecting the sausage for a hearty country gravy, it's important to consider the flavors already present in the sausage ingredients. For example, Italian sausages typically contain fennel seeds, while traditional pork breakfast sausages often feature thyme and sage. The earthy and bold notes of fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme should be used to enhance but not overpower the flavors in your biscuits and gravy, taking care that all ingredients play nicely with one another.

The missing herbal ingredient in your sausage gravy

With so many different herbs to choose from, your savory gravy will be all the more groovy with a sprig or more of fresh herbs. To maintain the aromatic integrity of the fresh ingredients, add them into the pan only after you've finished fully cooking your sausage. Remember to be careful with your seasonings, understanding that you can always add more but not as easily remove a taste once it's been introduced. Keep your simmer low and slow, knowing that the reward for your patience and thoughtful seasoning is a delicious dish filled with comfort and flavor.

If you prefer smoky flavors, throw a hint of paprika in with a few leaves of fresh basil for a well-balanced blend of rich spiciness. Another great pairing is rosemary and chicken sausage gravy, as the fresh ingredient will bring out the herbal flavor already present in the sausage. You can even add more fresh herbs as a garnish on top of your herb gravy-smothered biscuits to play with texture and taste. Keeping your sausage ingredient in mind, whatever fresh herbs you include in your gravy will no doubt make this time-honored favorite even more satisfying.