The Brand Behind Costco's Beloved Churros (And Where To Find Them)

Missing Costco churros? You're not alone. Ever since the Costco food court ditched them for the new giant double chocolate chunk cookie (we tried it, by the way, and yes: It's really worth the hype) people have been searching for ways to fill their churro voids. For a while, Costco's Stuffed Churro Bites provided shoppers with a bit of its nostalgia — but it was only a matter of time before people went looking for something more than bite-sized. Surely they never expected to find the exact thing — and in the Costco frozen section, of all places.

As it turns out, the beloved, discontinued churros that were once sold at the Costco food court were made by a brand known as Tio Pepe's. Its parent company, J&J Snack Foods, decided to rebrand the churros under a new name: ¡Hola! Churros. So far, they're only available for wholesale orders via restaurant supply websites — so, if you want you can order an entire case of them for $85. That'll be sure to fill all of your churro needs over the summer. Or, you can go to the Costco frozen section, where people have been finding the original Tio Pepe's boxes hidden away.

Costco churro, is that you?

If you're shopping and find yourself yearning for your old favorite Costco food court item, you won't have to travel far. While you might not be able to get a fresh churro before heading to the car, you might be able to find a box of them waiting for you in the frozen food section to eat when you get home. They come in big cardboard boxes of about 60, which sell for about $38. If you're lucky, you might even find them in the Dual flavor — the exact same twisted chocolate and regular churros that Costco sold in the food court.

If you can't find them at your Costco, never fear. People have also spotted Tio Pepe's at Walmart. While you might not get the exact flavor you want (they only seem to carry the regular flavor) you will get about 100 for a fraction of the $1.50 unit price they had at the food court. Then, if all else fails, you can always look to Amazon. There, you can get 100 regular Tio Pepes churros delivered straight to your door for around $120. Of course, once you have them, you'll need to figure out how to store and prepare them at home. Fortunately, that's the easy part.

Stored in Ziploc baggies in the freezer, most people simply cook the churros in their air fryers for about five minutes. Once they're done, you can sprinkle or roll them in a mix of cinnamon and sugar and enjoy with coffee.