Missing Costco Churros? There's A New Frozen Item That Could Fill The Void

If you were among those recently impacted by the devastating news that the Costco food courts are getting rid of the iconic churro in favor of a new, giant chocolate chip cookie, you're not alone. Costco has been quietly removing the churro from its food court menu for a few months now. The churro, which went for around $1.50, had been a food court staple for decades. But before you begin mourning too hard, Costco is carrying a new frozen item that might just fill the churro-sized hole in your heart.

The stuffed churro bites from La Vie retail for $12.99 and give you the enjoyment of a fresh, hot churro at home. While it isn't an exact replica of the original Costco churro, these churro bites are just as delicious. A bonus of these bite-sized treats is that stuffed in the center of each churro is a decadent chocolate and hazelnut filling or a delicate Bavarian cream filling.

Tips for enjoying the La Vie stuffed churro bites at home

These churros are a product of Spain, meaning you're getting the real deal when it comes to churros. One of the best ways to prepare these treats is in an air fryer, and the packaging recommends doing so. The air fryer gives the bites a perfectly crisp outside while still keeping the inside fluffy, and a little melty from the filling. They make the perfect shareable dessert for your next casual gathering or as a kid-friendly snack after school.

If you want to bolster up these bites more, try adding an additional dusting of cinnamon sugar. Between being frozen and reheated, you lose a little bit of this tasty outside coating. You can add some more immediately after the churros come out of the oven or air fryer. To balance the richness from the fillings of the churros, try pairing with a fruit like strawberries or raspberries. The freshness of the fruit cuts through some of that indulgence and makes for a more balanced bite overall.