We Tried It, And Yes: Costco's Food Court Cookie Is Really Worth The Hype

Costco is a one-stop shop for many of your everyday needs. In a single visit, I can supply my barbecue with food, a grill, plates and utensils, and a lawn chair to sit in. Beyond the endless aisles of budget bulk-buys, members sometimes visit Costco with no intention of shopping, but only to grab lunch from its popular food court.

Over the years, it's become one of the best cafeteria-style food halls of any major retailer. There's always a long line there and for good reason — it's cheap and the food is pretty tasty. Costco's food court items have attracted a following thank to menu staples like a low-priced hot dog. It's so popular that Costco recently had to crack down to keep non-members from taking advantage.

Along with classics like pizza and hot dogs, Costco's food court menu does include a few sweet items. For a long time its most popular treat was a churro, but the chocolate chunk cookie emerged as its replacement in early 2024. The dessert menu change garnered a lot of attention, leading to the new chocolate chunk cookie becoming a buzzed about option for Costco's food court. There's been a viral storm surrounding it that I couldn't help but get swept up in, so, I decided to stop by my local Costco to give it a taste.

The Costco food court dessert is a massive chocolate chunk-loaded cookie

Previously, the hit sweet treat at Costco's food court bakery was a churro. Strait, ridged, and price at $1. To much lament, the churro was removed from menus in early 2024, though Costco faithfuls had been mourning its demise since 2021, when its taste, texture, and price were changed. Members have been less resentful since the double chocolate chunk cookie replaced the underbaked, twisted churro in January. In fact, consensus seems to be that it's a worthwhile swap.

The cookie is advertised 7-inch wide. Folks have reported it being a little less. Its weight is around 6-ounces. The menu board says its made with "all butter," and the cookie doesn't include your normal chocolate chips, either. Costco uses bittersweet and semisweet chunks. Though previous reports claimed it was served in a brown paper sleeve, mine came wrapped in aluminum foil. The sleeve has a more appealing presentation, but as a treat that's meant to be enjoyed warm, the hand-wrapped aluminum foil is better.

While the churro is no longer available, the cookie isn't the only dessert remaining. Costco also sells an ice cream sundae and an ice cream cup as well. In terms of availability, Costco's viral sensation seems to be sold nationwide. As of May 2024, it appears to be available in Canadian Costcos as well. In the U.S., you'll find the cookie only costs $2.49. Head north of the border and it'll cost you a dollar more.

Nutritional value of Costco's cookie

Since launching at Costco, there has been a lot of hoopla about the ingredients in the double chocolate chunk cookie. Unfortunately, beyond the chocolate chip types and the statement about butter, the rest of the ingredient list isn't clear.

The butter shows up in a big way. Stuffed with 750 scrumptious calories, a single cookie is enough to leave even the most staunch sugarphile on a high. It's nearly half of the minimum daily recommended calories for women, and almost a third for men. In Canada, the cookie is listed as having 820 calories. 

That said, there's nothing wrong with indulging now and again. Costco's double chocolate chunk may be one of the most calorie-rich chain cookies around, but it's not the only one — nor is it the highest. Its most direct competitor, Crumbl, sells a chocolate chip cookie that has 760 calories. Subway's popular chocolate chip cookie, on the other hand, pales in caloric comparison. The sandwich chain sells a slightly smaller chocolate chip cookie with 200 calories, and a double chocolate chip option with 210 calories. So, if you think of Costco's double chocolate chunk as four cookies in one, it isn't so bad. 

You can use the Costco cookie to make a viral ice cream sandwich

If you aren't yet gearing up to head to your local Costco, just wait until you hear about this food court cookie hack. For a transcendent taste, pair it with Kirkland Signature's soft-serve ice cream. The all-purpose retailer sells vanilla and chocolate flavors of its ice cream cup, and a vanilla ice cream sundae that can be topped with strawberry or chocolate drizzles. The former costs $1.99 and the latter $2.49 respectively, which means that with two double chocolate chunk cookies, you'll still spend less than $8. For the size and sweet satisfaction, that's a great deal.

I'm pretty traditional, so vanilla ice cream sandwiches are my personal favorites. I encourage you to get creative with the toppings. If you let your sweet tooth lead the way, you'll find that Costco carries all sorts of ingredients that can hack your food court cookie.

Taste test

I've always preferred crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle-style chocolate chip cookies over grainy dry ones. Costco's food court cookie has the perfect layer of crisp, that when bitten, contains a soft, somewhat brownie-like consistency. It's thick yet solid and doesn't leave crumbs all over the place. There's a freshly baked warmth that adds to the sensory experience too. It brings a homemade harmony to the flavor profile. The melty chocolate chunks can get a little messy, so I recommend eating it from the wrapper. I also suggest grabbing a few napkins to avoid chocolate-stained hands.

The gooeyness makes chocolate chunks go down easier, melting against the warmth of your tongue. But to call Costco's new food court cookie rich is an understatement. Buttery sweetness permeates through every bite. The first dive into this creamy confection is heavenly. It has a similar Maillard toastiness to the brown butter chocolate chunk cookies from Whole Foods — or probably would were it not for the influx of chocolate chunks.

The two chocolate chunks complement each other well but take up too much of the cookie's real estate. There actually might be more chocolate in it than cookie dough. If I had to guess the ratio, I'd say it was around 50/50. I found that brown butter and chocolate add the same indulgent intensity to the cookie's flavor profile, which can quickly oversaturate your taste buds. While I enjoy both flavors, I prefer brown butter.

Costco's double chocolate chunk cookie vs Crumbl Cookie's milk chocolate chip

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert, and it's relatively easy to make a good rendition. Still, making a great cookie takes intention (and a lot of butter. There are few other places where you can get one the size and substance of Costco's. Crumbl Cookies is one such chain. If you're unfamiliar, Crumbl is a nationwide cookie chain. Although it has a weekly menu, some staples, such as the milk chocolate chip cookie, don't ever go away. A semi-sweet chocolate chunk cookie also hangs out on the menu and is a close competitor to Costco's cookie.

For starters, the two cookies are similar in size. But the big eye-opener is that Crumbl's, at $5, costs almost double that of Costco's. That's a steep up-charge. You can't forget that Crumbl has the advantage of not needing a membership, while Costco's cookie isn't available to everyone. Along with price and accessibility, the semi-sweet chocolate chunk Crumbl Cookies also out-calories Costco with 760 calories total. 

When it comes to taste, the differences are a little less clear. Both cookies have a great flavor, but Crumbl adds a bit more balance to its cookies. Where Costco's double chocolate chunk cookie can certainly provide a full-bodied sweetness, Crumbl fans often prefer the salt flakes that come on semi-sweet chocolate chip. Admittedly, this adds more dimension. However, both cookies have the hallmark of heavily buttered chocolate chips cookies: a soft, rippled center and crisp edges.

Is it worth it?

One bite of this cookie, and any doubts I had about Costco's decision to discontinue the churro disappeared. It not only lived up to expectations, but it tasted like love was put into it. Yet although the first bite of double chocolate chunk decadence was life-affirming, each subsequent chomp gradually overwhelmed my palate. 

To be honest, I like sweets, but I wouldn't call myself a diehard. Serious sweet lovers will likely consider this treat blissfully saccharine, but I can't imagine eating it in one sitting. In my opinion, eating half of the cookie at a time is more than satisfying. Save the other half and thank me later.

That said, Costco does a lot right with this chocolate chunk cookie. For example, it would not be nearly as delicious if the retailer sold it at room temperature. If you don't plan on eating it right away, I highly suggest microwaving it first. In addition to that, the price point is a great deal considering the size of the cookie and its competition. At $2.50, Costco continues to offer a great value at its food court. Although it's not going to be the sole reason you buy a membership, when it comes to chain cookies, Costco's double chocolate chunk cookie is easily top five — especially if you enjoy extra-large chocolate chip cookies.