What Does Nespresso's Barista Recipe Maker Actually Do?

Nespresso certainly forged the way for those coffee capsules you'll find in household kitchens everywhere. The company is also behind a range of coffee machines, milk frothers, and other accessories that can turn you into an at-home barista. One of those more unique products is its Barista Recipe Maker, an accessory to your coffee machine that initially launched back in 2018.

The Barista Recipe Maker is different from Nespresso's other machines, like the unique Vertuo coffee machines, because it operates via its touchscreen and an app on your smartphone with a bluetooth connection. It also weighs less than 4 pounds so it can be portable. The machine allows you to froth or chill milk to concoct whatever caffeinated beverage you fancy, from a simple iced coffee to cafe-style lattes all in the small machine according to the company's product description. Keep in mind that this machine doesn't brew the espresso or coffee, so you'll need another machine for the caffeinated component of the drink.

There are preset coffee beverages that you can choose from plus you can add your own preferences. Some of the recipes readily available on the machine are a cappuccino, espresso con panna, flat white, mocha, and even hot chocolate. You can find all of the ingredients and instructions for the beverages on the app or online manual.

How Nespresso's Barista Recipe Maker crafts beverages in one machine

After you pair the Barista Recipe Maker with your smartphone (make sure your software is up to date), it's rather easy to create drinks using those recipes. If you need to add more milk or clean a specific part, it will notify you on what to do. The machine's parts including the jug lid and wand are what makes the magic happen. The wand froths the milk for drinks like lattes, and you can also add the ice, chocolate, or espresso directly into the machine. It only makes one drink at a time, however, so plan accordingly for guests.

When it comes to customer reviews, it has a 3.6-star rating on Nespresso's website. The reviews are mixed, with some customers saying it exceeds expectations and others claim that it's a disappointment. Over on a 2022 Reddit thread about whether the purchase is worth it, some users claim they've "only used it a few times" while another says "I use mine daily." It's currently priced at $169 on Nespresso's official website if you want to test it out yourself. And if you want new coffee to pair with the frothed or chilled milk, here's our ranking of 13 Nespresso pod flavors.