Take Your Cold Foam To The Next Level With Crushed Oreos

Oreos are delicious when enjoyed on their own (and dipped into milk, of course), but the convenient snack can also serve as an ingredient that is incorporated easily into other treats. Sushi-inspired desserts and sweet balls of Oreo bites can be made with the fondant-filled biscuits, yet these sandwich cookies aren't only meant for food recipes. Crumbles of the cookies can be repurposed and used to add flavor to your afternoon coffee drinks. 

Making Oreo-flavored coffee isn't an idea that needs to be limited to a specialty coffee shop. You can mash and soak Oreos at home to make the sweetened foam you need to crown cold brews and iced coffees when cravings strike. Simply reach for your favorite kind of Oreo cookie and mash the pieces. You can use a pestle and mortar or food processor to grind the cookies into fine crumbs. Once all traces of whole cookies have been abolished, you'll add your choice of coffee creamer and milk and blend the combination until completely smooth. 

This coffee blurs the line between dessert and beverage

A mixture of heavy cream and your choice of milk or milk alternative can help build texture in your creamy Oreo-enhanced creation. Keep in mind that you may need to froth this cookie-flavored foam a bit longer than usual to get the decadent smoothness you want to taste in your drink.

Once you have poured your espresso or coffee drink over ice, you can use the whipped Oreo foam to crown your drinks. For an extra touch of sweetness, line an empty glass with chocolate or caramel syrup before adding cubes of ice and your caffeinated beverage. Top your dessert-in-a-glass coffee with chocolate shavings and sprinkles of cinnamon, or double down on the taste of Oreos with a final topping of Oreo cookie crumbles. After mastering the recipe, we encourage you to unleash the child within by experimenting with different flavors of Oreos when making the cookie coffee foam. You'll have plenty of options to keep your palate interested and sweet tooth satisfied.