Keep Consistency In Mind When Choosing An Alternative Milk

Dairy-free bakers and vegan chefs certainly have options when it comes to choosing a milk alternative to add to recipes. But while replacing dairy milk with measured cups of an alternative milk can be done easily when it comes to preparing food, thinking about the overall taste and texture of the finished dish must be taken into consideration before any containers of milk are shaken and served. 

Some milk substitutes present flavors that dairy milk does not, and the sweetened products can be thicker when poured into a glass. Additionally, a specific type of alternative milk can vary from brand to brand, with milk products like soy and oat ranging in both consistency and taste. Whether you're looking to pour your milk substitute into a bowl of cereal or add the ingredient to your morning muffin mix, keep the consistency of the milk in mind as you replace dairy milk in your kitchen.

Matching milk texture with recipes

When making fluffy pancakes or morning smoothies, heavier alternative milks like soy and coconut can help you create the richer texture you're after, and oat and coconut milk can offer creamier consistencies than milks made from rice or flax. To add a subtle nutty essence to coffees, homemade brownies, or even lasagna made with ricotta, almond milk can be used, but the lighter texture of the milk may benefit from the inclusion of a handful of ground cashews to thicken mixtures.

Several milk alternatives like soy have the potential to offer a competing creaminess when compared to a glass of freshly poured dairy milk, yet many of these plant-based products have other ingredients or additives like emulsifiers, gums, natural flavors, modified oils, and carrageenan mixed into the product to create that dairy milk-like texture. You can make your own almond milk at home, without additives, and add splashes of vanilla to suit your palate so that you have your own dairy-free replacement on hand for your baking and cooking projects. Thicken the mixture by adding less water and use a high-speed blender to create a smooth, luxurious liquid that is just the right consistency for your recipes.