14 Oreo Flavors, Ranked From Worst To Best

Cookies are one of life's simple, sweet joys, and with so many different types, there's something for nearly everyone's taste. And while Oreos are just one type of cookie, the company has grown its collection of options substantially as flavors move on and off grocery store shelves.

Oreo's legacy launched in 1912 when the first Oreo arrived on the scene in Manhattan's Chelsea Market. It wasn't long before advertising campaigns for twisting, licking, and dunking the treats began. Sixty-two years after the first chocolate sandwich cookie, customers got their ultimate wish when the brand started offering "Double Stuf" Oreos — the first variety. Then, in 1991, one of the most popular, limited edition Oreos hit shelves for the first time: Halloween Oreos. That orange frosting is simply irresistible.

Today, the brand offers OREOiD, a unique opportunity to customize their treats with dip, sprinkles, photos, and even words. This allows Oreo lovers to create and enjoy their own perfectly individualized cookies for gifts, favors, or simply snacking.

While this customization is exciting, there are already many delicious options on grocery store shelves. With surprisingly tasty flavors like the chocolate peanut butter pie to more eccentric choices like the cherry cola, which appeared for a short time in 2018 (via Syracuse.com), Oreo has gone to great lengths to offer a wide and ever-changing variety of flavors.

14. Dark chocolate flavored creme

Upon pulling back the top of a container of dark chocolate-flavored creme Oreos, the very first thing you'll notice is how striking the cookies look. Original Oreos nearly have that zebra stripe effect while in the package, but this variety has one consistent color. We noticed that the filling is certainly darker than other chocolate creme Oreos.

Dark chocolate is often bitter and far less sweet than milk chocolate. Since the creme is dark chocolate, the cookie is not very sweet overall, and we found this one to be noticeably duller than other Oreo flavors. That said, if you love dark chocolate and don't mind the absence of sugar, give these a try.

With the striking dark chocolate color, we think this would work nicely in an ice cream sundae, and since the cold treat is sweet enough on its own, it doesn't need a cookie's sweetness to back it up.

13. Chocolate flavored creme

Part of the draw of a traditional Oreo cookie is the combination of two distinctly unique flavors. However, with the chocolate creme Oreo, you get a chocolate sandwich cookie with a chocolate center. This results in a very homogeneous taste, with no distinction between the cookie and the filling. Although both components are very tasty, we found the similar flavor profile throughout the entire thing to be a little boring.

In addition, the creme in this variety has a texture quite similar to frosting rather than the typical white center of standard Oreo cookies. However, this distinction in texture was nice and even added a bit of a cake-like feel to each bite we took. So, if you plan on using a chocolate-filled Oreo for any of your recipes, note that it may perform differently because the center is a little bit different from what you might expect.

12. Golden

Golden Oreos are very similar to the original version with one significant difference: Rather than chocolate cookies surrounding the creme, Golden Oreos have a vanilla-flavored cookie on either side of the creme.

Golden Oreos may be the perfect item for you if you dislike chocolate. While they may not pair as well with milk as the traditional ones, these cookies still work if you're looking for a milk buddy. Like standard Oreos, Golden Oreos are vegan and do not contain dairy.

With the conventional version, you get a nice burst of two different flavors between the chocolate and white creme, but with the Golden variety, there is less separation. As a result, the cookies are a little on the bland side. However, the vanilla alternative is much different than the chocolate cookie, and we like how well it pairs with afternoon tea. We also found it looks a little prettier on a platter than the traditional Oreos.

11. Lemon flavored creme

Lemon creme Oreos use the same cookie as the Golden Oreos but are filled with lemon filling instead. We enjoyed how lightly flavored these were and found them to be an improvement upon the regular Golden variety, which has the same creme center as the original chocolate sandwich cookie.

The filling has that lemon taste that you might expect, but it is more like a pastry's flavor than the tart of the actual fruit. We really enjoyed the consistency and thickness of the center, and like some of the other specialty options, it reminded us of more of a frosting.

Due to the taste, these cookies are refreshing and would work well with a cold pitcher of lemonade, iced tea, or Arnold Palmer on a warm summer's day. In addition, the creme makes these treats feel lighter than other Oreo varieties that seem to have heavier flavoring.

10. Toffee crunch flavor creme

When you think of toffee, you probably imagine crunchy bits getting caught in your teeth — but delicious, nevertheless. However, with toffee-flavored creme Oreos, the very first thing you'll notice is their scent. Oddly enough, they smell like syrup rather than toffee.

These Oreos taste entirely different from the scent, however. The cookies surround a creme reminiscent of maple syrup, but, on the whole, it's covered up by the flavor of the chocolate cookies.

While some Oreo cremes are thicker, the toffee crunch variety is closer in texture to the original version rather than the others. Although we thought this cookie was tasty, the syrup smell threw us for a loop and messed with our overall enjoyment of it. However, if you are hankering for a cookie that will remind you of breakfast time, check these out. Additionally, this flavor is absolutely delicious when dipped in milk. It helps mute the syrup taste a little more and brings out that chocolate flavor.

9. Double Stuf gluten-free

If you live a gluten-free lifestyle, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining this diet is finding snacks that taste great and are safe for you to eat. Thankfully, many brands have come out with gluten-free varieties of their most popular snacks, Oreo included.

These Oreos are made with gluten-free flour and have a special decoration on the chocolate cookie to help identify them as gluten-free. Other than that, they look exactly like regular Double Stuf Oreos. And the good news is, they taste pretty great too.

We noticed they are a little crunchier than the original variety, the filling tastes a little less sweet, and there is a slightly salty aftertaste. In the packaging, the Oreos also appear to be inconsistently filled, an oddity you do not see with the original Oreos. However, these differences are so minor they are entirely forgivable. We highly recommend this variety to anyone looking for a great gluten-free treat because you'll probably be just as impressed as we were.

8. Java chip flavored creme

Upon opening the java chip-flavored creme Oreo package, the very first thing you will notice is the scent of the cookies. They give off a traditional coffee shop smell similar to what you might experience walking into a café on a busy morning while the baristas prepare lattes and cappuccinos.

While the coffee scent is pretty heavy, the flavor is very light. This would be comparable to the slight taste of coffee you might get in a Frappuccino or other blended coffee drink. The filling also has tiny chocolate chips, which provide a little crunch now and again as you enjoy the Oreo. While we like this one, we wish the coffee flavor was a little more pronounced because it gets lost in the taste of the chocolate cookie.

These treats would make a fun addition to your morning cup of joe because they will support the Oreo's coffee flavor without overwhelming it. In fact, your coffee will accentuate the slight coffee taste of the cookie.

7. Peanut butter creme

Peanut butter and chocolate flavors are a classic combination and were certainly popular long before Lindsay Lohan started dipping Oreos in peanut butter. This Oreo has a chocolate cookie with peanut butter-flavored creme instead of the standard Oreo creme. We liked this version quite a lot, and we think it would be an incredibly delicious option to use in an Oreo ball recipe.

That said, this sandwich cookie also feels very rich with the substitution of peanut butter for regular creme. We highly recommend enjoying this variety with milk to take some of that heaviness away. Just like with regular Oreos, it pairs perfectly.

We should also note here that those with a peanut allergy should definitely steer clear of this particular flavor because it actually has real peanut butter. It definitely does not just consist of faux flavoring, so it is something to be cautious of.

6. Original

Oreo proclaims itself as "Milk's Favorite Cookie," and to be honest, we probably agree. There's nothing quite like grabbing a small stack of these sandwich cookies and dipping them in a little glass of milk. In fact, many families have entire rituals around how and when they eat Oreos. For some kids, learning how to eat these treats properly is a rite of passage.

The original Oreo is made up of two chocolate cookies with white filling between them. It performs quite well in competition with its other flavor varieties. After all, it's a classic for a good reason. With the chocolate exterior and the creme interior, the separation of flavors makes for a delicious bite. Not to mention, these treats are also vegan, so people following this diet can also indulge. There's nothing wrong with this variety, but some may argue that it needs more filling in the middle.

5. Double Stuf

If your primary complaint about the original Oreos is that they don't have enough filling, the Double Stuf version should solve that problem for you. Long gone are the days of deconstructing these sandwich cookies to piece together a good amount of creme; now, the brand will do it for you.

Initially looking at these Oreos, you may find it hard to believe that they have more filling than the original. However, if you have the Double Stuf cookie next to the original, the difference immediately becomes clear. As the name would suggest, a Double Stuf Oreo seems to have double the creme.

We love this Oreo variety and think the added filling should be the default setting. After looking at the other flavors, we also noticed that the Double Stuf version seems to have the same amount of creme as the rest of the specialty Oreo flavors do. In fact, the original cookie has significantly less filling than its unique counterparts.

4. Mint flavored creme

If you're looking for a great after-dinner cookie, Oreo has you covered. The mint-flavored creme Oreo cookie is a chocolate sandwich with a minty filling on the inside. According to the package, peppermint oil is listed as one of the ingredients, so that is where the center gets its flavor from. 

With that said, you may wonder why the cookie isn't referred to as a "Peppermint Oreo." The difference between mint versus peppermint is actually quite simple. Mint is the name given to a whole category of plants, but peppermint is a specific kind of plant — and a powerful one at that. After all, peppermint has ​​a 40% menthol concentration, while spearmint is much lower at a 0.5% concentration (via Imperial Sugar).

We really enjoyed these Oreos and think they taste precisely like Andes thin mints. These cookies would be an excellent accompaniment to vanilla ice cream. Crumbled on top, mixed in, or even blended in a shake, these treats are great alone but even better as a sidekick.

3. Fudge covered, mint flavored creme

There's really only one way to make the mint-flavored creme Oreos any better: Dip them in a layer of delicious fudge. With a melty chocolatey exterior over the sandwich cookie stuffed with mint filling, you'll find yourself absolutely falling in love with this combo.

Oddly enough, only one of these cookies counts as a serving, while two of the classic Oreos dipped in fudge is one serving. We assume this must be due to the amount of creme inside the mint variety, which is pretty similar to that of the Double Stuf.

Like their non-fudge-covered counterpart, these Oreos make the perfect addition to any ice cream dish, but they're so beautiful, you probably won't want to smash them up. Rather, use them as a feature on your next minty baked good or dessert. Not to mention, they would pair especially well with a grasshopper cocktail.

2. Fudge covered

Something magical happens when you take the original Oreo (which is already delicious) and dip it into melty, delicious, fudgy goodness. The cookie inside the fudge maintains that crunchy structure, but due to its new exterior, it doesn't break apart in the least, holding form very well. We absolutely love these and think they would taste especially excellent if popped in the freezer for a little bit before eating.

While the fudge on the outside is delicious, we found it very melty, so be sure to have a napkin nearby. And while all other Oreos are vegan and do not contain milk, both these and the mint fudge-covered varieties do contain it. So, unfortunately, this isn't the best dessert for our vegan friends.

The fudge-covered boxes of Oreos also contain far fewer cookies than a standard container. A typical pack has three rows of 12 cookies for a total of 36. On the other hand, Fudge-covered Oreos only have 12 cookies in the entire box. Not only does this make it very obvious that these are very different from the regular version, but it will also make you far less likely to casually snack on them until the whole package is gone. Plus, with the melty aspect, this is far more challenging to accomplish without creating a chocolate mess.

1. Chocolate peanut butter pie

Chocolate peanut butter pie Oreos have all the necessary parts to create a decadent dessert: peanut butter, chocolate, and graham cracker. With these treats, the graham cracker cookie acts as the crust, and the peanut butter mixes with chocolate for that perfect pie filling. If you separate them, you'll see that the two flavors are perfectly split in the center and share the filling space.

This Oreo surprised us because it differs from the other specialty flavors. We absolutely love this one. The graham cracker cookie is perfectly sweet with even a little cinnamon taste, and the peanut butter is deliciously salty and combines nicely with the warm chocolate.

Oreo went beyond simply combining peanut butter and chocolate filling. The real magic of this variety is the exterior, and even though these cremes already taste great when paired with a chocolate cookie, the graham cracker flavor takes this to the next level.

For snackers with peanut allergies, please note that even though the front of the package says that this variety has been naturally and artificially flavored, the ingredients do list peanut butter as an ingredient.