The History Of The Arnold Palmer

How the golf legend's signature beverage became iconic

This weekend, golf lost a legend. The always-stylish Arnold Palmer, who was nicknamed "the King" of the game passed away on Sunday.

In his honor, we are raising a glass of his signature drink. But how did the Arnold Palmer—a mix of iced tea and lemonade—become the Arnold Palmer?

There are countless myths. But a few years ago, Palmer set the record straight in an ESPN documentary, explaining:  

"My wife made a lot of iced tea for lunch, and I said, 'Hey babe, I've got an idea.' You make the iced tea and make a big pitcher, and we'll just put a little lemonade in it and see how that works. We mixed it up, and I got the solution about where I wanted it and I put the lemonade in it. I had it for lunch after working on the golf course. I thought, 'Boy, this is great, babe. I'm going to take it when I play golf. I'm going to take a thermos of iced tea and lemonade.'"

From there, legend has it that Palmer ordered the drink at a bar. Overhearing Palmer's order, a woman asked for the same calling it an Arnold Palmer. The drink "spread like wildfire," Palmer remembered.

While the drink in its modern interpretation can be just about any balance of iced tea and lemonade, Palmer had strong thoughts about the ratio: "Iced tea has the dominant side, that dominates the drink. And, if it doesn't, it isn't really right."