Adam Richman Tells Us His Favorite LA Restaurants - Exclusive

When it comes to dining out, we all have our go-to restaurants — the ones that we automatically think of when we want a burger or that perfect plate of pasta. It could be the neighborhood spot right around the corner or a fine dining establishment downtown. No matter what kind of restaurant it is, we all have them. Sometimes we even have more than one. 

Celebrities are no different. Not only do they have their favorite hometown restaurants, but they also have their go-tos when they travel. Adam Richman is one such celebrity. The famous chef has made a career out of tripping all over the world trying different foods. He's traveled to huge cities and tiny towns no one's ever heard of just to suss out one specific restaurant known for making a certain type of black pudding or tart. 

So, when the host of "The Food that Built America" visited Los Angeles as part of its inaugural Wine & Food Festival, we had to know where the man who's eaten everywhere goes when he's in Southern California. Excited by the inquiry, Richman was more than happy to share but had a hard time narrowing it down. "In L.A., oh my God," he said. "There are so many." After a minute though, the chef rattled off several options. While C.J. Boyd's has unfortunately closed, there are six other restaurants to choose from, and we can't wait to try all of them.

No matter the delicacy, Adam Richman has a Los Angeles restaurant for it

Never one to focus on a specific type of food, Richman's favorite restaurants span the gamut from Mediterranean to Korean barbecue. Some are chains while others you'll only find in Los Angeles. But no matter what kind of food you're in the mood for, each one is worth a visit.

Richman started with one of our favorite Mediterranean chains. "I love Zankou Chicken," he told us emphatically. "I love double-double, animal-style, mustard-grilled, chopped chiles, whole grilled onion. You know, something like that." While the half-chicken plate is always our first choice, Zankou's falafel and hummus are delicious as well. Zankou isn't the only Mediterranean restaurant Richman visits when he's in town though, Crossroads Kitchen is another spot he thoroughly enjoys. 

For Italian, Richman swears by Felix because he says he's "in love with Evan Funke." But if you prefer classic Mexican fare (and who doesn't in Los Angeles), then Richman recommends Gracias Madre where all the dishes are made in-house using "local, organic, plant-based ingredients." For sushi fans, Richman not only recommended Katsuya, but he told us what to order: "I love the Katsuya king crab handroll." But the one place Richman always hits when he comes to town is Parks BBQ because, "Is it a visit to LA if you don't go there?" he asks. As a top spot for visitors and Angelenos alike, we agree this Korean BBQ spot is a definite highlight.