The 18 Best Korean BBQ Spots In LA

It is no secret that Los Angeles is home to one of the world's most diverse and exciting culinary scenes. From Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants to local hole-in-the-wall favorites, there is renowned and global cuisine on what feels like every street corner. Korean BBQ restaurants have also become a staple in Los Angeles and are without a doubt one of the most popular dining spots for friends to gather and indulge, usually for a fair price.

Korean BBQ is most often characterized by its unique cooking and dining experience. Unlike most other sit-down restaurants, diners at Korean BBQ spots sit at a table that has a grill as the centerpiece. This charcoal grill allows each diner to cook various meats, seafood, and vegetables on their own. The menus are often "all you can eat” or combo-style and designed for sharing. Diners can always expect a generous portion of protein as well as a variety of prepared banchan, or side dishes. That said, we've rounded up the best Korean BBQ spots in Los Angeles.

Park's BBQ

Located in the heart of the historic Koreatown neighborhood, Park's BBQ is one of the most celebrated Korean BBQ spots in all of Los Angeles. After receiving a degree in culinary science from Seoul Women's College, chef and owner Jenee Kim opened this acclaimed spot in 2003. Chef Kim has taken her cultural history, technical finesse, and passion for serving the highest quality ingredients and put them into action at Park's BBQ, winning over the hearts of not only local diners but major critics and publications as well.

Every cut of beef on the Park's BBQ menu is guaranteed USDA Prime and Kobe-style beef, bringing the cleanest, freshest, and boldest flavors to the table. The Park's menu offers several variations of BBQ creations in addition to other standout Korean noodles, soup, and rice dishes. Order the Taste of Park's BBQ selection for a sample of some of the best cuts, such as the Ggot Sal, Parks Gal-Bi, bulgogi, beef brisket, and boneless beef short rib.

Hanu K BBQ

Looking for an authentic and delicious Korean BBQ spot outside of the Koreatown neighborhood? Hanu K BBQ is located in Downtown Los Angeles and offers an array of traditional Korean BBQ dishes, as well as exciting and contemporary twists on standard favorites. With cuts of Prime USDA meat at the forefront of the menu, Hanu K takes pride in the quality and freshness of each and every protein.

In addition to an open flame at each table, which allows guests to enjoy a true Korean BBQ experience, Hanu K BBQ offers a variety of other chef-prepared Korean dishes. Pair your table-fired boneless marinated short rib or thinly-sliced brisket with the hot and spicy Kalbi-Beef short rib stew for a steaming bowl of deep and developed flavor. Hanu K BBQ also offers a full bar serving an impressive selection of spirits, sake, wine, and beer to round off your dining experience.

Genwa Korean BBQ

With three locations across Los Angeles in Mid Wilshire, Beverly Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles, Genwa Korean BBQ has made a name for itself by serving Korean BBQ all over the city. With five courses to choose from, one of the largest selections of chef-prepared side dishes in town, and a full bar offering everything from signature cocktails to fine wines, Genwa Korean BBQ offers a complete dining experience every time.

The coursing at Genwa is divided depending upon the number of diners in your party, ranging from two to five diners. Each course is carefully curated to take diners through a dynamic and diverse sampling of some of the most loved dishes on the menu. No matter the size of your party, every guest enjoys a combination of pre-selected sides and cuts to be cooked over the table fire, as well as a list of additional dishes to choose from based on each diner's personal preference.

ABSteak by Chef Akira Back

Owned and operated by Michelin-Starred Chef Akira Back, ABSteak combines classic Korean BBQ with an elevated Los Angeles fine dining experience in West Hollywood. Chef Back boasts an impressive resume, including victories on "Iron Chef" as well as appearances on the Today Show and Best Thing I Ever Ate. Every cut of meat served at ABSteak is dry-aged for 30 days in an on-site chamber and subsequently cooked on the professional-grade, smoke-less open grill top on every table.

The menu at ABSteak features numerous luxe cuts of beef. Check out the Wagyu Deung Shim which is an eight-ounce cut of Australian Wagyu ribeye. This is a great option for those looking to enjoy the most decadent and coveted cut on the menu. Pair with the AB Old Fashioned cocktail, a smoked libation made of a unique blend of Wagyu-washed Ambler Old Scotch Bourbon and bitters.

Daedo Sikdang

After the success of its original acclaimed restaurant, which has been serving some of the best BBQ since 1964 in Seoul, South Korea, Daedo Sikdang has opened its doors and set up shop in Los Angeles in the heart of Koreatown. The menu features a wide range of Certified Angus beef prime cuts, ensuring that the quality of meat is nine times higher than even a classic USDA Prime cut of meat.

The first of the three standard cuts offered at Daedo Sikdang is the Ribeye Roll, which is known for its lean meat and fat marbling, giving it a beautifully tender texture. Second is the Ribeye Cap, a rare cut resemblant of a shrimp in shape known for its bold flavor. Finally, the Ribeye Strip is a popular choice known for its juiciness. Order the Daedo Cut for $55 to enjoy a sampling of all three of these signature cuts and cook them to your liking on the signature Korean BBQ-style table grill.


Another Koreatown favorite, Ten-Raku has been a staple Korean BBQ joint for foodies since its opening in 2006. From classic beef cuts to refreshing seafood options, Ten-Raku has it all. While mostly known for the Kobe-style premium short ribs, USDA prime short ribs, and USDA prime skirt steak, the selection of hot pot dishes, seafood preparations, hot and cold noodle soups, and kimchi stews are just as authentic and worthwhile as the more popular Korean BBQ dishes.

In addition to the a la carte menu, Ten-Raku offers three different combos for parties of two to four people. This pre-set selection gives diners a remarkable amount of food, including cuts of tender brisket, two different preparations of short rib, skirt steak, pork belly, filet mignon, and ribeye. Additionally, guests are offered a choice of either soybean paste stew, fried rice, or ramen side dishes with any combo, resulting in a balanced and full meal.

Chosun Galbee

Located in bustling Downtown Los Angeles, Chosun Galbee has a huge menu and a pretty huge following. Offering dining both indoor and outdoor seating, the beautifully decorated patio has heaters and tons of vibrant greenery, making it the best spot in the house. It is also worth noting that Chosun Galbee is one of the only Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles to offer outdoor dining with tabletop grills.

With over a dozen cuts of meat to choose from to barbeque, beef is definitely the most popular protein. From the widely popular bulgogi cut of tender boneless chuck marinated in soy sauce to black tiger shrimp, every offering is fresh and chosen with quality in mind. Chosun Galbee also offers many chef-prepared dishes for those who don't wish to participate in the barbeque experience, including crowd-pleasing favorites like the Mulmandoo steamed dumplings or the classic bibimbap which is served with rice, assorted vegetables, red peppers, egg, and other flavorful toppings.

7th Korean BBQ

7th Korean BBQ is another local spot serving some of the most authentic and beloved Korean BBQ in the city. The menu features recipes passed down from generation to generation, creating dishes full of tried and true flavor. The menu offers all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and is priced per person at two different price points, both of which are significantly more affordable than many other Korean BBQ spots. However, flavor and quality are far from compromised.

For either $27.99 or $35.99, a single diner enjoys up to 20 dishes ranging from classic beef cuts such as the short rib, prime brisket, and marinated bulgogi, to pork dishes like the spicy pork belly and the pork jowl. There are also tons of authentic seafood favorites like the spicy baby octopus, along with a variety of sides such as soybean soup, steamed rice, green salad, and more. Pair with a beer, herbal wine, or sake selection and eat to your heart's content at this local gem.


YERIM Korean BBQ offers a premium selection of all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for patrons looking to cure their craving for smokey meats and veggies. Chef-prepared dishes like pork belly, beef tongue, and potato pancakes make for wonderful appetizers that require no work. However, when it comes to the classic Korean BBQ experience, the various combo menus allow guests to mix and match what meats they want to throw on the grill themselves. With four different combo menus ranging from $15.99 to $35.99, there is a price point and selection for every kind of diner (as long as you're a meat eater).

In order to partake in the AYCE menus, a minimum of two guests is required and the experience has a max time of two hours. It is also important to note that you cannot take any leftovers, and if you happen to over-order and have extra food, you will be charged extra. That said, children between the ages of four and seven are half-priced, making it a great option for a fun and flavorful family outing.

Bulgogi Hut

Since 2014, Bulgogi Hut has been impressing Koreatown locals and visitors alike. Each cut of meat is hand sliced to order for guaranteed freshness every time. The menu is all-you-can-eat-style and allows diners to dive in and try a variety of preparations in a single visit. The standard menu is just $36 for AYCE, and the deluxe menu that features some of the more luxe protein costs $48. Come in during the weekday happy hour to enjoy the same AYCE menu for just $28 per person from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition to the affordable and tasty food, Bulgogi Hut works to create a dining space that is vibrant and exciting. The high-resolution TVs that are mounted throughout the restaurant display popular and fun K-pop videos along with live sporting events. If you're looking for a solid meal with high vibes, Bulgogi Hut is a great option.

Quarters Korean BBQ

Located within the historic Chapman Plaza in Koreatown, Quarters Korean BBQ is putting a modern twist on classic Korean BBQ. The name Quarters is inspired by the small quarter-pound servings of meat that are served, allowing guests to sample a wide range of cuts and preparations. Traditional Korean BBQ often comes with much larger portions, making it much harder to taste a variety of dishes with a smaller party. Quarters also offers an array of other tapas on the menu, further encouraging guests to order many plates to share and fully delve into the bold and unique flavors found across each dish.

Quarters Korean BBQ also offers a full-service bar complete with an al fresco dining and drinking area, making it the ideal spot to come in for either a full meal or just a drink and a quick bite. Some great bar bites include the Korean Nachos, which pair nicely with one of the cool cocktails.

Magal BBQ

Magal BBQ is a hidden gem offering delicious all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. Since its opening in 2015, this spot has become a low-fuss favorite for Koreatown residents and those savvy enough to hunt down this off-the-grid spot. Magal BBQ is one of the only Korean Barbeque spots that take last-minute reservations, eliminating the long wait times often associated with other popular Korean BBQ joints. Magal's popularity among locals can be attributed of course to the tasty food, as well as the name recognition of Korean residents who live in the area. With over 100 locations across Southeast Asia, Magal BBQ has made quite a name for itself.

Magal's combo ordering system is typical of an authentic Korean BBQ spot, allowing guests to choose their favorite proteins and cook them to perfection on the tabletop grill. The uniquely-shaped interior of the restaurant is full of these grill-top tables in a vibrant and colorful dining space, often bumping loud music that further adds to the overall joy in the Magal BBQ experience.


Baekjeong is another Koreatown favorite serving up classic and undeniably authentic Korean food. The portions at Baekjeong are pretty huge, making it an ideal spot for a large group of friends or family. In addition to the menu featuring individual cuts of meat, Baekjeong also offers two impressive combination plates designed to be shared. The Beef Combo includes a selection of some of the most popular cuts offering thinly-sliced brisket, prime marinated beef, prime boneless short rib or prime ribeye, and the choice of soybean paste stew or pork kimchi stew. For those who prefer pork, the Pork Combo includes ​​a premium seared pork belly, premium pork jow, marinated pork collar, or thinly-sliced spicy pork belly.

Baekjeong has become so popular that they no longer offer dinner reservations, so be advised that while there may be a wait during prime dinner service hours, the quality and quantity of the food are well worth the wait!

Soowon Galbi

Named after a province in South Korea that is widely known for its high-quality meat and signature galbi dish, Soowon Galbi is bringing these same bright and bold flavors to Koreatown in Los Angeles. This Michelin Guide-listed spot is best known for the must-try namesake Soowon House Galbi dish, which is a USDA Premium Black Angus Beef bone-in short rib that is marinated for 48 hours in a signature house marinade. However, this hotspot also offers several other quality cuts that can be cooked both on the tabletop barbeque or made by the chef.

While all of the combo variations are a must-try for larger parties looking to taste the best of Soowon Galbi, many of the entrees that are better suited for parties of just one or two are just as tasty. For example, the Signature Stone Pot Bibimbap is a modern take on a traditional stone preparation that is full of flavor. Guests are able to choose between spicy octopus, spicy pork, or bulgogi along with an assortment of vegetables, rice, a perfectly fried egg, spicy chili paste, and sesame oil.


It doesn't get more authentic than YANGMANI. The menu is mostly in Korean, but the photos and English titles help you get by if you're not familiar with the language. In addition to keeping things very immersive and traditional, YANGMANI is also known for having incredibly kind employees and quality service. The bean soup is a hit starter, while the pork belly wins locals and visitors over thanks to its rich flavor and tender texture.

Though there are tons of meats and proteins to choose from, YANGMANI one unique vegetarian-friendly option that is worth ordering is the grilled mochi. Once grilled, this soft and mild treat gains depth both in regard to taste and texture. Whether you choose to order your spread a la carte or go for one of the filling combos, YANGMANI keeps things classic and fresh every time. Oh, and YANGMANI also has a solid happy hour that offers two-for-one drink specials daily.

Castle BBQ

Castle BBQ is the definition of a hidden gem. This Koreatown favorite may not look like much at first glance, but the prices, quality, and sheer magnitude of the portions make it a must-try for any true fan of Korean BBQ. This all-you-can-eat-style spot offers three different menus priced at just $11.99, $14.99, and $18.99. Even the simplest $11.99 Menu A offers diners an AYCE amount of marinated beef bulgogi, sliced beef and brisket, sliced pork belly, marinated chicken, marinated pork bulgogi, and other cuts, as well as sides of rice, miso soup, and salad. For those looking to enjoy the finer cuts of meat, check out Menu C, which includes meats like ribeye steak, marinated shrimp, spicy baby octopus, and more.

It is no surprise that with prices this low and flavors so bold, there is almost always a wait at Castle BBQ. Be prepared to wait up to an hour, but rest assured — once you have secured your table, all will be worth it.

Korea BBQ House

Since 1997, Korea BBQ House has been bringing authentic Korean BBQ to Downtown Los Angeles. This local favorite has been voted the Best Korean Restaurant in DTLA four times by DTLA News and offers both table-top grilled and chef-prepared dishes for guests to enjoy. Start off with a selection from the beverage list, and enjoy a refreshing sip of soju, sake, or beer with your meal. Don't miss the gyoza appetizer which is a traditional execution of the Korean dumpling.

Of course, the tabletop barbeque is where Korea BBQ House truly shines. The menu is divided up by protein, and the portions are generous, making this a great spot to dine with a larger group and order things to share. Check out the pork and salmon duo plate to enjoy the light and buttery salmon juxtaposed with the richer cuts of pork. Korean BBQ House also allows guests to add spice to any dish for those who enjoy a little extra heat.

Jae Bu Do

While most of the Korean BBQ spots featured on this list specialize in beef and pork preparations, Koreatown's Jae Bu Do is the ultimate spot for any seafood lover. While Jae Bu Do still offers the traditional table-top stove "cook it yourself" experience, the star of the show here is the wide array of traditional and unique seafood options for guests to enjoy.

Jae Bu Do offers four different combo menus that are divvied by the number of people in each party. For example, Combo A has a suggested serving size for two people and costs $74.99, yet it includes a staggering amount of seafood and side options. Manila and large clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp, scallops, grilled croaker, and several popular side dishes make up the first combo, allowing even a party of two guests to enjoy a wide range of high-quality fish that are cooked to order on the charcoal flame.