The Jalapeño Dispenser Costco Shoppers Would Love To See In The US

One of the best things about Costco is the variety of cheap eats you can feast on at the food court. Along with the unbelievably cheesy pizzas, $1.50 hot dog and drink combo (that's stayed at the same price since 1985), and the inimitable crispy chicken bake, there's an array of inexpensive sweet treats to quell your fast food craving before you load your super-sized groceries in your groaning trunk. 

However, there's one thing missing from this heavenly foodie paradise: a jalapeño dispenser. These nifty machines are run of the mill in Mexican Costcos and allow customers to top their hot dogs and more with as many jalapeños as their heart desires, which is why it's something that shoppers here in the U.S. would love to see at their local store. On viewing a video of the dispenser, a Costco member on Reddit commented, "Just look at what our next door neighbors get! Costco, I'm tempted to think about boycotting. I won't, but know that I'm thinking about it!!!"

Costco's jalapeño dispenser doesn't actually chop whole jalapenos into slices like a mill or grinder. Rather it doles out pre-sliced pickled jalapeños with the turn of a crank on the side. Much like the metal onion dispensers that were stationed in select Costco stores before the pandemic hit, this machine dispenses chopped foodstuffs that are perfect for piling high onto a variety of items once purchased at the till.

How does Costco's jalapeno dispenser work?

Customers can simply rotate the lever on the right hand side of the metal dispenser in a clockwise direction and watch the machine release the jalapeños through a small aperture on the bottom left. There's also a small basin directly underneath the dispensing hole to catch any stray bits of jalapeño. In some Costco stores, other classic condiment dispensers are stationed nearby, such as ketchup, mustard, relish, and even mayo. Shoppers can take their basic hot dog and layer on their unlimited free toppings, thereby customizing their meal and making it more substantial in seconds. 

However, this fun interactive element was lost to U.S. shoppers when the diced onion dispensers were pulled from shop floors in 2020 to eventually be replaced with cups of chopped onions. And truth be told, scattering onion onto a hot dog from a tub just isn't as exciting as loading them on from a machine.

Sliced jalapeños piled over Costco's signature hot dog is an elite combination because the pickled chili peppers give the mild sausage a touch of heat and piquancy that pairs well with the sweetness of ketchup. However, they can also lend a little attitude to a gooey slice of cheese pizza. We imagine they'd also be delicious loaded on Costco's Turkey Swiss sandwich, the recent replacement to the Roast Beef option.