How Many Slices Are In A Costco Pizza

A trip to Costco almost always merits a stop at the food court. Although it may not boast the most ample or interesting of menus, there's something about the modest list of offerings that activates the salivary glands. Even if you're a fan of the humble (yet still very delicious) $1.50 hot dog or the creamy and oh-so-dreamy sundaes, sometimes Costco pizza proves too tempting to resist. The big question is deciding whether to indulge in a single slice or pick up an entire pie, which leads us to ponder the even more pressing question of how many slices are in that pie.

No matter which of the many Costco locations you pop into, the size of a pie will be the same; every pizza is stretched to a standard diameter of 18 inches. After the extra large pie is sauced, topped, and baked, it's always cut into 12 uniform slices — no more, no less. 

At this point, you might be wondering how this can be true. After all, it would only take six individually-sold slices to piece together a Costco pie. The reason for this discrepancy is that Costco's single slices are actually cut differently, making them twice the size of each slice you get when you purchase the whole pie. Of course, given the pizza's grandiose proportions, that isn't to say that even a twelfth of the pie won't leave you feeling satisfied.

A Costco pizza can easily feed a crowd

Since a Costco pizza is cut into 12 slices, it's fair to assume that it can feed at least a few people. While there is no definitive answer as to precisely how many that might include, there are ways to make an educated guess. For instance, most people (especially adults) are bound to enjoy more than one slice, including those of generous proportions. That said, the best rule of thumb is to multiply your crowd size by ⅜ to determine how much pizza is needed to feed everyone. 

The good thing about Costco pizza is that even if you decide to order more than you need, you won't be left pinching pennies. Whether you opt for a simple cheese pizza, a loaded pepperoni, or even a half-and-half rendition, each extra large pie still costs a modest $9.95. Providing great bang for your buck, the pizza also offers patrons convenience as it can easily be ordered during your visit. However, many Costco devotees and pizza lovers alike would agree that its best feature is its flavor. If nothing else, a Costco pie's nostalgic profile of saucy, cheesy deliciousness is exactly what keeps members coming back for more — and fighting for the last slice of pizza!