Turn Frosted Animal Crackers Into Milk For A Nostalgic Treat

Perhaps you've used frosted animal crackers to make dessert or have spruced up boring bowls of popcorn with the colorful treats. Get ready to make milk from the sweet snack. And no, converting animal crackers into a beverage is no miracle story. With a bit of patience, you, too, can turn a batch of frosted animal crackers into a sweet drink that can be used in your favorite recipes.

Separate the pink and white cookies if you prefer to keep your creative endeavor white to resemble typical milk, or for a fun pink flair, keep the pink animals in your brew for a dash of color. You can use your preferred choice of milk or a smooth, creamy milk alternative to make this sweet liquid. Crush a handful of the coated animal cookies, let them soak in the milk, and get ready to taste the rewards of your thrifty culinary project.

A tasty trip down memory lane

The longer you let the animal cookies and milk merge, the stronger flavored milk you'll be able to pour. For the sweetest result, it can be helpful to blend the cookie crumbles and milk together before letting them mingle overnight. When you are ready to dump the animal cookie-enhanced milk into your morning latte, strain out the ground pieces so you can have the smoothest milk to make your drink.

In addition to perking up coffee drinks, your sweet concoction can be used to brighten pancake batter or give an extra boost to a jar of overnight oats. After you have a batch of frosted animal cookie milk at the ready, you can make ice cream with the liquid and enjoy a scoop on top of fudgy brownies pulled fresh out of the oven. For the ultimate taste of nostalgia, add the animal cookie milk to an old-fashioned milkshake recipe. With a recipe this delicious, you may forget which year you're enjoying your treat in.