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Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson

Madcapra, Los Angeles, CA
Photo: Tasting Table

Why they killed it in 2015: The dynamic duo behind hit falafel shop Madcapra is blending Middle Eastern tradition with a California sensibility in L.A.'s Grand Central Market: Think sumac beet soda, falafel with pickled fennel and a tomato salad with cardamom and cilantro. The Glasserie alums and TT New Originals are also working on an upcoming sit-down spot, which should make its debut in 2016.

How would you two describe your food? "Madcapra is a falafel shop. The food is Middle Eastern inspired but nontraditional and is rooted in California produce."

What's been your biggest kitchen disaster? Hymanson: "On my last day at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, I made a massive Chinese feast for family meal. I spent hours making a braised pork dish. It was in a large rondeau. About 30 minutes before the meal was supposed to go out, I somehow managed to spill 75 percent of it on the floor." Kramer: "Dropping my iPhone into a deep hotel pan of 300-degree beef braise. That was a huge bummer."

What's your favorite underrated ingredient, and how do you use it? Hymanson: "Stems and outer leaves of vegetables like cauliflower leaves and broccoli. These bits are delicious in so many ways: in bright salads, pickled or grilled." Kramer: "I don't know if anything is underrated these days, but using cinnamon sticks in savory preparations is one of my favorite applications, like in meat braises or beans."

Cake or pie? Hymanson: "Cake, though I would never turn down pie."

Find Madcapra on DINE.

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