The Upcoming Starbucks X Stanley Release Is Already Being Called Ugly By Fans

The online mania for Starbucks and Stanley collaborations seemed to be going strong for well over a year, but the international coffee chain may be on the verge of their first stumble with the popular cups if early reactions to leaked images are any indication. The Stanley tumbler trend has produced one of the biggest products of the TikTok age, with online influencers touting the brand and showing off their collections. 

The wave of popularity has really taken off in the past few years, as social media hype has led to a snowball effect that makes every new release seem bigger and more essential than the last. Throw Starbucks into the mix and you've had the recipe for a true viral sensation, with fans lining up overnight and storming stores to get their hands on the coveted cups. But the rumored next collaboration after the recent Starbucks x Stanley sky blue tumbler has made its way online, and for once people are less than enthusiastic.

Pictures of an upcoming tumbler release have made it onto TikTok and Reddit, and the thread on the Starbucks Reddit page kind of says it all, with the original post simply noting: "Why is it kinda ugly?" The new Starbucks x Stanley tumbler is rumored to be coming out on May 7, 2024, and the color scheme is a metallic rainbowy mix of yellow and pink. While a few TikTok commenters seemed to like the color, the top comment sums up the consensus by saying that they "think the Stanley hype is slowing waaaay down."

The new Starbucks x Stanley cup comes with a higher price tag

The most distaste is coming from the very active Reddit Starbucks thread, with one person saying, "This is the ugliest thing they've ever released," and a more creatively harsh commenter saying the color scheme "looks like the Instagram app icon threw up." Worse yet, it looks like the price is set to increase, with some leaks noting that the new cup is marked at $59.95, up from $49.95 for the most recent pale blue cup. And that blue cup is also a clear point of comparison for fans who seem like they may be skipping this round, with one Reddit commenter saying "I much prefer the light blue one they just released."

So, will the hype continue for this latest offering? Previous Starbucks x Stanley collaborations sometimes sold out in minutes, and some of the cups are still selling for hundreds of dollars on sites like eBay. A TikTok preview which also included the supposed follow-up to this tumbler, a glittery "summer green," got a much better reception from fans, with TikTok remarks like "the green it's a must in my collection!" So, it seems like one misstep won't hurt the brands too much, and maybe one round of Starbucks x Stanley tumblers falling a little flat will be a nice break for the employees who won't have to deal with mobs of fans this time around.