The Starbucks X Stanley Tumbler Sold Out In Minutes

When two brands that alone inspire intense loyalty team up, the result usually produces an intense, frenzied reaction among fans. Such is the case with Starbucks and Stanley, who teamed up to produce a Starbucks-branded, limited-edition version of Stanley's iconic, insulated tumbler (via All Things Target). The peach tumbler-and-straw combo debuted May 9, 2023 at Starbucks locations inside Target stores and were reportedly only issued two per store. Predictably, the tumblers sold out in minutes.

The buzz about the collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley — maker of the viral sensation Quencher tumbler — has its roots in product debut that took place on the other side of the world. The two companies released a pink and turquoise tumbler in Thailand earlier this spring. The move spurred buzz that Starbucks and Stanley might release a collaboration in the states and fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for an announcement. That came in late April, sharing that May 9 was the release date and noting that it would coincide with Mother's Day and the release of the coffee chain's summer menu in the U.S., per Let's Eat Cake.

It's a waiting game for the Starbucks x Stanley tumbler

When the day finally arrived, fans of Starbucks, Stanley, and cups in general queued up to purchase one of the tumblers, which retailed for $44.95. Conversations on the r/Starbucks Reddit forum have theorized that the product launch has been confusingly-limited in order to drive up hype. If true, this might explain the appearance of the Starbucks x Stanley tumblers on eBay for prices north of $200.

Those who just can't live without one of the Starbucks x Stanley tumblers are left with few choices. They can fork over the exorbitant prices on the secondary market, wait and hope the fervor subsides and with it the prices, or they can hope that Starbucks will release more of the tumblers. When that may happen is anyone's guess, but there is speculation online that a restock may come in late May, which is fueled by reports that some Starbucks managers have confirmed that they ordered more of the tumblers.