Change Up Marry-Me Chicken With Your Favorite Cut Of Steak

Tuscan chicken, sometimes known as marry-me chicken, is a juicy dish brimming with flavor. Similar recipes have been rumored to inspire engagements, and this creamy creation has undoubtedly caused sparks to fly. But what if you're trying to woo a special someone who is less fond of poultry? In that case, swapping chicken with steak may be your best bet.

If marry-me chicken has engineered countless walks down the aisle, then we promise (not really) that marry-me steak will result in a wedding plus a luxury honeymoon to follow. Tender bits of steak were always meant to be doused in luscious, lemon-tinged sauces. Whether it's mushroom sauce or creamy garlicky steak fettuccine, a velvety sauce is like an extra diamond on an engagement ring — not wholly necessary, yet never failing to impress.

We've already taken our own spin on the classic dish by creating baconified marry-me chicken that has an extra savory touch from the pork. Steak brings a meatier flavor to this version, and you can follow all the same steps you would with chicken breast. Sear your steak until it's cooked how you like it, then set it aside. Add butter to the same pan, followed by some minced garlic. Once the garlic has softened, deglaze with chicken broth, white wine, and some heavy cream. Flavor the sauce with rosemary and thyme and add the steak back in along with sun-dried tomatoes, and let the sauce thicken before topping off with basil and parmesan.

Which cuts of beef work best for marry-me steak?

Marry-me steak is a rich, buttery dish, and it requires protein that fits with it seamlessly. A slab of meat that easily turns into a tender, juicy piece of steak would be the best fit. If you're going to be pairing the marry-me steak with a carb, ribeyes are the best cut of steak for topping off pasta. Ribeye steaks are on the thicker side, so they're the perfect hearty pairing to pasta. They're also fatty, ensuring that the final product stays juicy once cooked.

For a thinner cut of steak, sirloins are the way to go. Sure, they're lean, but they still make for a juicy cut of meat when seared for the right amount of time. Sirloins have a robust, meaty flavor that complements the bright, herbaceous taste of the marry-me steak sauce. Bold, yet tender, marry-me sirloin steak pairs well with classic sides like crispy-edged smashed potatoes.

If you'd prefer your marry-me steak dish to have strips of meat, go for flank steak. Although it's slightly tougher than other cuts of steak, when sliced into thin strips, it's deliciously tender. Flank steak has a deep, intense taste that's perfect when eaten alongside bites of tangy tomatoes smothered in sauce.