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The 88 things you need to eat, drink, read and do this season
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Spring Preview
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Now that winter has finally packed up and left town, one of our favorite eating seasons can finally get underway—and our Spring Preview has everything you need to have a delicious couple of months.

The season is bringing with it 53 new restaurants: In New York and Chicago, Union Square Cafe and Alinea, two icons that help define the city's dining identity, are getting refreshes. Meanwhile, a wave of Japan-based restaurants like cult ramen shop Ichiran and udon noodle spot Tsurutontan are headed to New York City, as is Tokyo's celebrated Sushi Ginza Onodera, which will also open in Los Angeles later this year. The American love affair with Italian food marches on with openings like Waxman's in San Francisco, All Purpose in D.C. and L'Oca D'Oro in Austin. And chefs like Brandon Jew in SF, Stephanie Izard in Chicago and the team at The Peterboro in Detroit are taking a look at what modern Chinese American cooking can be.

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There's also a slew of new cookbooks we can't wait to crack open and reasons to both get out (hello, biscuit fest) and stay in (a new season of Chef's Table).

You've already changed your clocks. Here's why you'll want to plan ahead for all this good stuff.

Check out the restaurant openings in your city here: New York City, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Houston, Austin, Miami, Detroit and elsewhere.

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