The 9 Best Cities for Pizza Lovers

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The Best Pizza Cities in America
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Fellow pizza lovers, we've gathered here today to discuss the greasy, cheesy and carb-filled apple of our collective eye: the almighty slice.  

From coast to shining coast, every American has their go-to pie. And while we're not here to start any arguments, we're pretty confident when it comes to our take on the country's top pizza-fied cities. It doesn't matter if you prefer Chicago deep-dish, Detroit-style or New York Neapolitan, we've got a pie for you.

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Whether you prefer sharing with friends or rolling solo (every pizza is a personal pizza in our book), these nine American cities have you covered.

① New York, New York

With a pizza shop on almost every street corner, you could sample a new pie every night of the week. Some of our favorite options include Joe's Pizza, Prince Street Pizza, Rubirosa and Emmett's, serving up Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.


You always remember your first love. Mine is named Joe❤�

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② Brooklyn, New York

Though technically not its own city (thanks, Great Mistake of 1898), Brooklyn has such a strong pizza game, it deserved its own spot on this list. Highlights include but definitely aren't limited to, Emmy Squared serving Detroit-style pizza, Roberta's Pizza, Paulie Gee's and Speedy Romeo, specializing in Saint Louis-style pizza.

③ Chicago, Illinois

Chicago pizza comes in all shapes and sizes: thin-crust, square-cut tavern-style, deep-dish—the list goes on. And, of course, we love them all equally. Our must-try spots include Lou Malnati's, Giordano's, Pequod's Pizzeria and Vito & Nick's Pizzeria for truly authentic South Side pizza.


Pizza makes the world a wayyyyy better place � #chicagofoodauthority

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④ San Diego, California

Beach and pizza: What more could a pie lover want? When in town, be sure to check out Flour & Barley, Regents Pizzeria and Isola Pizza Bar.

⑤ Detroit, Michigan

Detroit-style pizza is known for its rectangular shape and maximum amount of crust. To try the Motor City's finest, swing by Amar Pizza, Loui’s Pizza or Pepe Z's.


Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park - serving up some original Detroit style deep dish za for more than 50 years ��

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⑥ New Haven, Connecticut

If you're a true enthusiast, you know full well that some of the country's tastiest pizza can be found in New Haven. Some of our favorite places include Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, Sally's Apizza, Modern Apizza and Kitchen Zinc. Even if you're just passing through, trust us, any of these pizzerias is worth the trip.


One of our favorite pies, the White Clam Pizza! It's soooo good!

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⑦ Los Angeles, California

For a city known for avocados and tacos, L.A. is also home to some great pizza. Spots to check out include Hollywood Pies, Jon & Vinny's and DeSano Pizza Bakery.

⑧ Boston, Massachusetts

From the North End to East Boston, Beantown has endless pie-focused options. A few of our go-to stops include Regina Pizzeria, Santarpio’s Pizza and Scampo (did someone say lobster pizza?).


In Pizza We Crust � ��

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⑨ Providence, Rhode Island

Providence isn't necessarily the first city that comes to mind when someone mentions pizza. But the city's unique grilled version is certainly worth a nod. If you're in the area, pay a visit to Nice Slice, Antonio's Pizza or Al Forno.


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