The 'Pizza Capital Of The World' May Not Actually Be In Italy

You don't have to be obsessed with pizza to know that Naples has long been considered the pizza capital of the world. The city has been churning out coveted pizzas long before "Eat, Pray, Love" fans were flocking to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele's doors, or Instagram reels were highlighting the beauty of a simple and classic Neapolitan pie. However, as true pizza connoisseurs know, there's a myriad of pizza varieties that humbly sit in their corner of the world waiting to be tried. And, to some, many of these types outshine the minimalist Neapolitan style.

Those who live in cities that have their own unique style of pizza often claim theirs to be the best, whether that's a dollar slice from a New York City corner pizzeria or a sit-down Chicago deep-dish pizza experience. But, while one town in Pennsylvania may not brag about its pizza, many consider it to be the true pizza capital of the world.

Old Forge, a small town located in the Northeastern part of the state, dishes out its own unique style of pizza named after itself. Here, you don't get a slice; you get a "cut" of their tray pizza, as per Visit NEPA. And, after one bite, you won't believe your tastebuds telling you it might be the best pizza you've ever had.

Ask for a cut of white or red

There are two types of Old Forge pizza, red and white, that are actually very different from each other. The best way to describe the red pizza is a cheesy twist on Sicilian-style. According to The Morning Call, the red variety is generously covered in a sweet sauce, has a crispy crust that is remarkably spongy and soft on the inside and is sprinkled in a blend of many cheeses. The noblest distinction separating the two styles is the cheese. While Sicilian often showcases parmesan and mozzarella, Old Forge-style most commonly features American, mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses, as per We Are Chefs.

When it comes to their white pizza, however, it may not be what you expect. According to Visit NEPA, their white pizza is actually double-crusted, making it appear more like a calzone than a pizza. It also comes sauceless, deducting another traditional pizza point. However, this variation is pizza nonetheless, and what it loses in sauce, it makes up for in cheese. When cut into, plenty of that famous cheese blend will come pouring out the sides. Topped with a delicious herby rosemary blend, it makes for a pizza unlike any other.

So, if you find yourself traveling through Northeastern Pennsylvania, it might be worth it to venture to Old Forge's pizzeria lines streets to try one of these unique tray pizzas for yourself. Maybe it will become the pizza capital of the world in your eyes.