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Where to taste the winter citrus revival
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Halibut with grapefruit-radish salad | Pound cake with Campari-grapefruit glaze

It's awards season, and we've got a nominee for best supporting actor: grapefruit.

With sweetness enveloped in a bitter tang, it's the perfect foil for anything from seafood to gin.

We looked to top chefs around the country for the fruit's best appearances of the season, and found it both raw and juiced, plated with tender calamari, and taming the cloying sugar in sundaes (see a slide show of the dishes). A clever application at AQ in San Francisco combines sesame, avocado, grapefruit and parsnip milk: creamy, multitextured, sweet and bitter in one, it inspired our own Test Kitchen recipe for halibut with grapefruit-sesame salt and grapefruit-radish salad (see the recipe).

Bartenders are also putting the citrus to good use, pitting it against unusual ingredients such as pickle brine, in a pickled Paloma cocktail at the The Corner Store in San Francisco, or Zirbenz pine liquor, at Atlanta's The Optimist. Tiffany MacIsaac at Washington, D.C.'s soon-to-open GBD drizzles a grapefruit-Campari glaze over golden fried doughnuts, a technique with such great results that we cribbed the recipe for you (see the recipe).

And the award goes to...

  • At AQ in San Francisco, chef Mark Liberman's clever application combines sesame, avocado, grapefruit and parsnip milk.

  • In Atlanta, bartenders at The Optimist add grapefruit bitters to gin, IPA, lemon, sugar and Zirbenz pine liquor for a zesty-sweet take on a Shandy.

  • Grapefruit's sourness heightens the taste of sugar, as we discovered in Balena's grapefruit sorbet with meringue and Aperol granita in Chicago.

  • Tiffany MacIsaac, chef at the soon-to-open GBD in Washington, D.C., shellacs golden-fried doughnuts in a grapefruit-Campari glaze (see the recipe).

  • Boulder, Oak at Fourteenth's calamari appetizer is a study in balance, combining toasted pistachios with juicy grapefruit and paper-thin lomo ibérico.

  • 1/5
GBD 1323 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20036 202-555-5555 AQ 1085 Mission St. San Francisco CA 94103 415-341-9000 Oak at Fourteenth 1400 Pearl St Boulder CO 80302 303-444-3622 Balena 1633 N Halsted St Chicago IL 60614 312-867-3888 GBD 1323 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington DC 20036 202-555-5555 The Corner Store 5 Masonic Ave. San Francisco CA 94118 415-359-1800 The Optimist 914 Howell Mill Rd. Atlanta GA 30318 404-477-6260

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