How to Make Your Own Bacon Bits

Leave the imitation bacon bits at the store
How to Make Bacon Bits
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Adding bacon sprinkles to a dish is almost always a good idea. But cutting up greasy strips of bacon in an attempt at homemade bacon bits will leave you with a mess, not the perfectly salty squares you're after. Not to mention, store-bought bacon bits often contain "imitation bacon," something we'd rather do without.

The good news: There's an easy (and better) way to make your own bacon bits. Here's how to do it:

①  Put the whole package of bacon in the freezer until it's partially frozen, about eight minutes. This step helps the strips keep their shape when you go to slice them.

②  Use a chef's knife to slice the bacon into thin, long strips approximately the width of your thumbnail.

③  Turn the bacon 90 degrees and cut the strips again to make small squares.

④  Fry the pieces over medium to high heat until they're at your preferred level of crispiness.

⑤  Drain the bits on a paper towel-lined plate, then use them to upgrade your omelet, spice up a salad and add a savory twist to chocolate chip cookies.

Pro tip: Make a big batch and freeze the bacon bits in Ziploc bags, so you can easily add tiny tiles of flavor to your meals whenever you want.


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