What's for Dinner: Get Spiced

Make fiery soup for a deliciously mouth-numbing meal
Spicy Pumpkin Brittle
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Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Spicy food is one of the great polarizers of our time. One person might find wasabi mouth numbing, while the next might think it's as mild as an avocado. But these three recipes are all adjustable to your individual taste, so even heat haters should give them a go. Remember, water won't actually put out a gochujang-induced fire: You'll need a glass of milk for that.

① Drink: Michelada
Some may cock their heads at the thought of pouring hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce into a perfectly good beer. But those people clearly have never experienced the beauty of a michelada, Mexico's version of the Bloody Mary.

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② Main Course: Spicy Kimchi Soup with Pork Tenderloin and Tofu
This steamy bowl of soup is hot in more ways than one. The heat—and vibrant red color—come from both paste (gochujang) and powder (gochugaru). See a theme? Gochu means "chile pepper" in Korean. Tip: Slice the pork before searing to cut down on cooking time.

③ Dessert: Spicy Pumpkin-Seed Brittle
You wouldn't think it's spicy just by looking at it, which make this Halloween candy both a trick and a treat. After you've cooked the flesh or carved your jack-o'-lantern, save those seeds for this cayenne-spiked fall confection.


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