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7 clever cutting boards you want in your kitchen
Photo: Courtesy of Progressive International

Even the best food could use a dash of ones and zeros. Geek out with us as we explore the intersection of food and technology this month.

Choosing the right cutting board typically comes down to material: wood, plastic or bamboo. But this kitchen staple you use basically any time you cook can be so much more than just a surface. We're talking storage units, portable funnels and iPad stands, for starters. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of clever cutting boards. Here are seven you wish you had in your kitchen.

1 Mocubo's Cutting Board with Prep Storage

Photo: Amazon

This bamboo board contains three plastic drawers into which you can easily slide your ingredients and scraps. Your mise en place just got a lot tidier. ($72.99 on Amazon)

2 Chef'n PrepStation 3-in-1 Cutting Board

Photo: Amazon

This board expands with a tray on one side and a colander on the other. Both extensions are removable, so you can sweep food into the pop-out colander portion, detach it and run it directly under water. The colander then folds back into the tray for storage. It's brilliant for a tiny kitchen. ($17.91 on Amazon)

3 Progressive International Counter Edge Cutting Board

Photo: Amazon

Like the prior two boards, this one includes a tray to collect chopped food or scraps. Here, the detachable storage bin hangs over the counter's edge, making clean up real easy. ($22.99 on Amazon)

4 Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

This nimble plastic board folds down the middle, letting you pick it up and pour ingredients through a narrow funnel into a pot or pan. ($15.99 in stores at Bed Bath and Beyond)

5 CTA DIGITAL Bamboo Cutting Board with iPad Stand, Stylus and Knife Storage

Photo: Amazon

This one not only serves as a stand for your iPad, but it also contains a stylus, so you can keep your tablet free of sticky fingers. Plus, the board has storage space for knives. ($29.86 on Amazon)

6 Fred & Friends THE OBSESSIVE CHEF Bamboo Cutting Board

Photo: Amazon

Want to make sure your dices are perfect? This board is full of grids and measurements, ensuring your macédoine and julienne vegetables are just the right size. They don't call it "obsessive" for nothing. ($23.63 on Amazon)

7 The Ultimate Cutting Board

Photo: Kickstarter

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, this board should hit the market soon. The "Swiss army knife" of cutting boards contains two four-ounce measuring cups, a juicer, knife storage, a pull-out cheese grater and a detachable scrap drawer. Take it on a picnic and have everything you need all in one place. (Preorder it for $149 here.)


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