Why You Should Never Use Pre-Minced Garlic For Garlic Bread

A slice of warm garlic bread pairs perfectly as a sidekick alongside dishes like pasta, pizza, or steak, or even on its own as a nice little comfort food.

Garlic bread originated as a poor man's food, according to Traveldine. The outlet states that it is a spinoff from bruschetta, and was made from day-old bread drizzled with olive oil, then rubbed with garlic, and topped with a pinch of salt. It was reportedly a way to refresh stale bread and serve it to customers while saving a little bit of money instead of tossing the old bread out.

When you are making homemade garlic bread, you have full creative freedom of how you make it. You can choose which type of bread to use, between butter or olive oil, salted or not. However, there is one specific type of garlic that you should avoid if you want the best flavor for your bread.

Choose the best garlic for the bread

After analyzing 22 garlic bread recipes, Mediocre Chef reports that fresh garlic was the consistent winner when it comes to the best-tasting garlic bread. They state that pre-minced garlic is missing allicin — the compound that gives garlic its distinct taste. Jarred garlic's taste is significantly more subdued, states MyRecipes. They note that fresh garlic will always taste better, and is always preferred in recipes.

Though pre-minced garlic might be a time saver, you could risk sacrificing your garlic bread's flavor. Instead, Mediocre Chef suggests investing in a garlic press. Although the one-function kitchen tool may seem a bit excessive, if you are frequently using garlic for various recipes, it is likely a worthy investment. The press minces garlic through small holes, saving you time that would otherwise be spent chopping it up with a knife.

Garlic contains vitamins B6 and C, fiber, and manganese, according to Healthline. The outlet reports that it has also been shown to boost immune system function, reduce blood pressure, and lower heart disease risk, so go ahead and add that extra scoop of fresh garlic to your homemade bread!