This Easy Cooking Technique Will Transform Store-Bought Garlic Bread

The only thing better than plain, ole' bread is garlic bread. A carby comfort, it's the perfect marriage of ingredients. While straightforward, it can be tough to nail if the levels of garlic aren't quite right — or worse yet — the bread isn't browned. Making your own is simple, but the convenience of a ready-to-bake loaf is hard to resist. The only problem is that sometimes store-bought bread can fall a bit short — that is unless you follow an easy cooking technique that'll totally transform your garlic bread.

Like a tomato-less bruschetta, Epicurious notes that American-style garlic bread is believed to have originated during the 1950s, following the wave of Italian immigrants that took to restaurants. According to the outlet, this is why slices are typically paired with saucy spaghetti suppers. But it shouldn't lack taste just because it's not the star of your dinner plate.

At its core, garlic bread (including the loaves you'll find in the frozen aisle) consists of garlic butter slathered on a loaf and then toasted. The result is a chewy, yet crispy bite full of buttery and powerfully pungent garlic flavor. While homemade is always better, store-bought garlic bread can be just as iconic if you follow one tip.

Get grilling

Half of the appeal of garlic is taking a satisfying crunchy first bite, but depending on how you heat your loaf, that doesn't always happen. Using a microwave tends to steam and make the bread soggy, whereas an oven is better at creating crispness. However, if you want to step it up a notch, Food & Wine suggests grilling garlic bread to add another layer of flavor. Not only will it help crisp up the edges for a crackly exterior, but it also adds a smoky flavor. 

Another thing you can do to give store-bought garlic bread a makeover is adding extra ingredients. Herbs can be a godsend, notes the Kitchn. Sprinkling oregano or chopped rosemary on top can add an earthiness to a one-dimensional loaf. Likewise, finishing with fresh herbs like parsley, basil, or chives can also create some freshness. Spice-lovers might even want to consider a dash of paprika, chili, or hot sauce for a hint of heat. 

Another way to vamp up frozen garlic bread is to top it with cheese. Whether you add melty mozzarella, salty Parmigiano, or creamy goat's cheese, a bit of dairy can provide funky umami flavors and intensify richness. 

With an arsenal of ways to jazz up store-bought garlic, there's no shame in stocking up on a few loaves the next time you're in the frozen aisle.