Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator Makes Fun Of NYC Menus

Where to get distressed ramps, plus a side of 19th-century decor in NYC

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

OMG, have you been to Flatbush & Bedford yet? The tormented clams and awakened anchovy are a must-order. Or Ashland & Cadman Plaza? The ham surprise and fennel with frightened bison are game changers.

Oh, we wish we could go to these hilarious fake restaurants invented by Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator. The new site pokes fun at the preciousness and esoteric artistry championed by the self-aggrandizing restaurants in hipster Brooklyn with make-believe menus crammed with dishes like rubbed butter for $18 and naive fennel and anchovy. And there's an actual Brooklyn bar that inspired all the frightened bison dishes.

"I threw together this website really quickly after visiting a new bar that had a really infuriating menu," user pbeunttz shares with his fellow Redditors. "Lots of the variables in this tool (acorn/shell bean) were pulled directly from that menu."

Give the menu generator a whirl yourself—definitely save room for Plymouth & Mermaid's farm-to-table salt.