The Part Of Your Nespresso Machine That You May Be Forgetting To Clean

Keeping your Nespresso coffee pod machine clean is an essential part of getting a good brew. If you allow the inside to become clogged with minerals because you forgot to run the descaling process when it's time or neglect to run a cleaning cycle weekly, the stale grounds, rancid oils, and mineral accumulation can ruin the flavor of your cup. But there are other, non-brewing areas of the machine that need frequent upkeep, including the compartment your spent pods are ejected into.

The used pods are damp, and that compartment is dark — a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow in. If you frequently make coffee, your pod container is likely always wet from drips of coffee in the pods and any extra water that might leak in while you brew. If you don't make coffee very often, the liquid dries up into a sticky combination of dried coffee with trapped grounds. Either way, cleaning out the container can eliminate one source of germs and smells in your kitchen.

Cleaning the pod compartment is fast and simple

You already need to slide the insert out to dump your pods in the recycling bag, so while it's in your hand, take a minute to rinse and wipe the container clean. The parts are all dishwasher safe, so if you have the time, go the extra mile and let it benefit from the heat and sanitation of a dishwasher cycle. You might need a little bristle brush to get the gunk from the corners of the container if it's been a while between cleanings. While the container is drying, use a towel or small sponge to absorb any liquid that's collected in the opening it rests in as well.

This is a good time to use a little spray of water to clean off the pod spinning blades if you have a Vertuo machine or the pod opening on the top of an Original Line machine. The water will drip down into the pod container opening, and you can use the moisture to get a thorough cleaning of the space. For all these cleaning tasks, you should use simple warm, soapy water. Nespresso specifically does not recommend cleaners or vinegars for cleaning.