Give Cheesecake The S'mores Treatment For The Ultimate Upgrade

The sweet flavors of s'mores don't need to be left behind at the campsite. Use your favorite camping dessert to inspire your next cheesecake recipe. From sprinkling graham cracker pieces on top of slices of a classic New York-style cheesecake, drizzling chocolate syrup onto plates, or using marshmallow fluff and toasted marshmallows as flavor enhancers, the next cheesecake you set onto the dining room table will be anything but plain. 

Roasted marshmallows aren't just for hot summer nights. Arrange perfectly toasted marshmallows in pretty designs to decorate a cheesecake, or fold the roasted morsels directly into your cheesecake mixtures. Blend marshmallow fluff into the ricotta and cream cheese mixture you would make for a baked ricotta cheesecake recipe and top off the finished treat with shavings of dark chocolate and powdery crumbles of graham cracker cookies. Personalized cheesecakes crowned with marshmallow creme can be made in the shape of small mugs by using muffin tins and affixing chocolate-covered pretzels as the handle for a dessert that evokes holiday nostalgia.

A cheesecake out of summer fantasies

Get creative when it comes to the marshmallows you use to decorate slices of cheesecake. Colorful homemade marshmallows can add a touch of whimsy to presentations, while different flavors of marshmallows can offer a delightfully surprising dessert for guests. With a bit of patience, you can pull off layers of roasted marshmallows and place the toastier pieces on top of cheesecake for added crunch. Lovers of peanut butter and Nutella will appreciate thin ribbons of the beloved spreads tucked into the cheesecake itself or used to decorate the surface. For an earthy flavor, consider using tahini to help balance out the sweeter notes of the marshmallows, or flex your culinary creativity by making cheesecake layers of different flavors for an effect that is as pretty to eat as it is to taste.

If you use cookies instead of graham crackers to put s'mores together, you can take a similar approach when decorating your cheesecakes and incorporate cookie pieces into the crust before adding in the creamy filling. Feel free to explore different kinds of chocolate when decorating your cheesecakes. White chocolate shavings can help build layers of flavor when used to crown cheesecakes that have been flavored with dark chocolate or caramel. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to creating the s'mores-inspired dessert of your dreams.