The Low-Effort, Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza Your Weeknights Need

A homemade personal pizza is one of the easiest and most versatile meals you can make. Not only does it require just a base, sauce, and cheese, but you can also dress it up with nearly any toppings in your fridge, including leftover bacon, pepperoni, and a unique medley of cheeses. And although nothing will replace that quintessential, fluffy pizza crust that can only be made possible with a pizza stone and a piping hot oven, TikTok users are turning to a more unconventional appliance to whip up a simple pizza in a matter of minutes: an air fryer. This hack illustrates the versatility of this popular appliance in creating tasty snacks that satisfy your pizza craving. 

To make your easy air fryer pizza, you'll want to start with a standard tortilla, slathered with all the classic toppings, including pizza sauce and grated mozzarella. If you want to ensure that your crust gets the perfect color, you can add a brush of olive oil to crisp up the edges. After a quick trip in a 400-degree air fryer for about three to five minutes, your tortilla pizza will come out perfectly baked and ready to be enjoyed.

You don't just have to use tortillas

While tortillas make a great base for your air fryer personal pizzas, these aren't the only bases that you can experiment with. Mini pizzas can be made with English muffins, mini bagels, and even canned biscuit dough. The important thing to note when working with these crust alternatives is that the cooking time is dependent on whether they're pre-baked or not, as well as their thickness. Biscuit dough will take a considerably longer time in the air fryer than a tortilla because it has to cook all the way through. If you neglect to factor this in, you'll end up with doughy, raw mini pizzas. 

You also have a ton of flexibility in choosing what toppings go on your mini pizzas, which will allow you to be creative and repurpose those fridge items that are on the brink of needing to be thrown out. When selecting toppings for your tortilla pizzas, be sure to first consider how long they actually need to cook in the oven. There are some pizza toppings that will need to be precooked, like bacon and sausage, because the short cooking time in the air fryer isn't enough to ensure that they're safe to eat. The bright side of this, though, is that you can always repurpose leftovers from your other meals, like fajita veggies or shredded chicken.