Lindsay Cronin

Photo of Lindsay Cronin
York, PA
Villa Julie College
Fine Dining, Superfoods, Coffee Trends
  • Lindsay is a full-blown foodie; She eats out at least three times each week and frequently travels to different cities to experience their individual cultures.
  • She loves to make healthy smoothies and juices.
  • When she’s not eating or thinking about food, she enjoys watching just about anything on Bravo.


Lindsay Cronin is a full-time mom, writer, and social media fanatic from Baltimore, Maryland. After gaining a massive following on Twitter, she began writing about celebrity news and reality television with her articles frequently being spotlighted on Bravo. When she’s not writing, she’s editing articles about some of her favorite things – restaurants and food – at Tasting Table.


Lindsay enrolled in Villa Julie College in Stevenson, MD after completing high school at Mercy in Baltimore.