Gordon Ramsay's Top Tip To Keep In Mind When Seasoning Broccoli

Gordon Ramsay is a chef who can make just about everything. But that doesn't mean that he is lackadaisical when it comes to seemingly simple tasks like cooking broccoli. In fact, even when cooking this popular veggie, Ramsay has important steps he follows to ensure the dish is just right. And, luckily for fans, he hasn't kept his process a secret.

During an episode of "Cookalong Live" Ramsay tells his audience that before seasoning the dish, they must "drain the broccoli" after cooking it. According to Ramsay, this is a very important step to prevent soggy broccoli. But it isn't the only step he takes to ensure a crisp bite. He also doesn't put his drained broccoli back into the pot in which it was first cooked to be seasoned. Instead, he places it in another, dry pan before topping it with his chosen additions. "This gets rid of any excess moisture ... [and] makes the broccoli nice and crisp," he shares.

How to season and pairings

Once the drained broccoli is in the dry pan, Ramsay adds several ingredients to season the veggie, including crushed garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. He then gives it a quick saute before plating it with his famous salmon en croute and potatoes. But you, of course, are not limited to this fish dish — or his selected seasonings.

Broccoli, when prepared correctly, is easy to incorporate into a number of tasty broccoli recipes, including citrus-roasted broccoli, takeout-style beef and broccoli, or even a broccoli pesto. That said, you should consider your main course before deciding how to season it. For example, if you are pairing your broccoli with cashew chicken, season your veggie with soy sauce, sesame oil, or sweet chili sauce. But, if you are leaning into a more Mediterranean dish, like roasted branzino or shrimp and feta, lemon and capers would be a better fit.