Texas Roadhouse Rolls Are Rumored To Hit The Walmart Freezer Aisle, But Only In A Few States

Steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse is known for many things, but the fresh-baked rolls served with honey-cinnamon butter are the best item on the menu. They are baked from scratch in house every five minutes, so all diners get hot, fresh rolls served right to their table. These rolls have become a signature item, with fans raving about their taste, texture, and the honey butter that they come with. While admirers have tried to duplicate the bread, getting your hands on true Texas Roadhouse rolls has required a visit to a local restaurant — that is, until now.

According to an Instagram post from notorious foodie insider Markie Devo, Texas Roadhouse mini rolls will soon be available exclusively in the freezer aisle of Walmart, but only in three states: Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. And in fact, at least one Kentucky Walmart location already has the rolls in stock. The package includes 12 rolls that can be baked in the included pan along with the brand's signature honey butter to glaze the rolls or serve on the side. These mini rolls are said to capture the full sensory experience of the restaurant's beloved rolls to be enjoyed at home. Devo's post says that a fall 2024 expansion is possible if the test rollout does well. Until then, those in the test states can enjoy this delicious convenience beginning June 29.

How to enjoy Texas Roadhouse rolls at home

If you're lucky enough to live in one of the three states where you'll soon be able to buy the frozen version, enjoying the rolls at home will be easy. For those outside of the test states, you'll have to get a bit more creative. You can buy just the rolls and butter from Texas Roadhouse — simply visit the website or use the app to place a pickup order. Select "Sides and Extras" to choose extra fresh-baked bread and a side of honey butter. It's a great way to enjoy the rolls without the wait and is a popular option for holiday dinner prep.

There are also plenty of copycat recipes if you want to try baking your own from scratch. Alternatively, some store-bought brands, like Sister Schubert's yeast rolls, give Texas Roadhouse vibes and are readily available. Whip up some honey-cinnamon butter using butter, powdered sugar, honey, and cinnamon, and you'll be on your way to (almost) getting the full experience. And if you just can't get enough, you can buy a Cinnamon Butter candle from the website — close your eyes, and you just might believe you're in the restaurant.