Texas Roadhouse Doesn't Want You To Eat Its New Butter-Inspired Item

The Venn diagram of things that seem as though they'd be delicious and things that are entirely inedible has a massive overlap. BuzzFeed has a wonderful rundown of items, from aquarium pebbles and spackle to garage doors and mineral deposits that all beg you to bite down — just don't. McDonald's is guilty of furthering the trend with its suite of Quarter Pounder-scented candles, each one representing a different element of the iconic burger, from bun to onions, to beef patty, says Food Network. We've even covered items like this before, such as the ice cream perfume from cutting-edge parlor Salt & Straw that smells just as good on a person as it does on a few scoops of ice cream.

Texas Roadhouse might not be the kind of establishment you'd think would jump on this trend. It's a real meat-and-potatoes kind of place, literally. The menu includes steakhouse staples like ribeye and strip steak, "country" fare like chicken-fried steak, and potatoes four ways.

It's a new item, though, one which is by design reminiscent of a Texas Roadhouse staple, that has fans excited and the general public intrigued.

Cinnamon-spiced scents

If you've ever been to an outpost of Texas Roadhouse, then you know that before you ever place an order, you're greeted with a basket of warm rolls. In fact, there are multitudes of copycat recipes online for these yeasty treats, such as this one from The Cozy Cook. Perhaps equally as famous is the sweet cinnamon butter that gets served alongside the rolls. And, you better believe there are recipes online that can help you recreate it at home, like this one from CopyKat.

Given the above, it is clear that people have a strong affection for this gratis starter. Recognizing this affection. Texas Roadhouse is rolling out an item that will allow its most devoted diners to get a whiff of the restaurant right at home. Restaurant Business Online has the skinny on the merch rolling out on the restaurant's new online store. Included among the T-shirts, hoodies, and other ephemera is a candle that, when lit, pumps out the buttery cinnamon-sugar scent that signals to fans a meal at Texas Roadhouse is about to begin. It should go without saying, but the candle is, of course, inedible.

Texas Roadhouse is just one of many eateries to join the food-scented candle explosion. As we've previously mentioned, establishments such as Katz's, Shake Shack, and Dairy Queen are releasing waxy representations of favored items, perhaps in the hope that a nose full of nostalgia will draw you back in more frequently.