Serve Your Breakfast Sandwich In A Pita For Maximum Toppings

The king of sammies? It has to be a sloppy breakfast sandwich heaving with toppings and condiments. However, if you want to curb some of that mess while boosting the ratio of toppings to bread in your morning sarnie, try upgrading your next breakfast sandwich with one simple move — switch your regular slices of bread for a fluffy pita.

Classically stuffed with falafel or grilled lamb, pita pockets are perfect for maximizing the toppings in your sarnie because they have a large surface area with a sturdy texture and a closed circumference, so there's zero risk of your sausage, eggs, and saucy condiments escaping. Choose an extra large pita with a hefty radius and the hollow will easily accommodate a couple of servings of bacon, a thick wedge of omelet, and half an avocado without a problem.

Crucially, a high-quality pita bread that neatly encompasses all the toppings and provides structural support won't compete with the flavors of your fillings. It's a delicious, neutral foundation for all your favorite breakfast munchies. Better yet, if you want to cut back on carbs, simply select a smaller flatbread — you'll be able to successfully use a single pita to mimic the job of two slices of bread.

How to assemble a breakfast pita pocket

Once the fillings for your breakfast sarnie are ready to go, you'll need to heat up your store-bought or homemade pita. Toasting it is the most convenient option, however you'll need to make sure the surface doesn't dry out or it will crack into shards when it comes to splitting it open. For a softer pita with a fluffy interior, wrap it in a damp paper towel and microwave it for a few seconds. The moisture on the paper will keep the bread beautifully soft and make it more pliable so the pocket can stretch to its maximum capacity without tearing. The baller move? Flip your pita on an open flame so it develops a chargrilled flavor while you keep a close eye on it to prevent it burning. The generated steam will open up the central cavity.

For a neater bite, spread your condiment of choice on the inside of your hot pita before piling in the fillings. Coating the entire inner surface of the bread will create a moisture-proof barrier on your pita and give you another opportunity to layer up the flavor, guaranteeing that every bite is super-tasty. Finally, pile in your fillings: Anything goes here, from scrambled eggs and shredded cheese to crispy hash browns and sausage patties. However, if you're adding in a runny egg, just remember to sandwich it between other, drier-textured fillings to prevent the yolk from dribbling out.