6 Delicious Ways To Use Trader Joe's Tart Cherry Fruit Spread With Other Fan-Favorite Items

Whether it's sought-after mini tote bags that sell out in a flash or the astounding variety of creative store locations across the U.S., there's no doubt that shoppers' passion for Trader Joe's verges on cult-like devotion. Spreading the love of Trader Joe's newest fruity favorite will only further this fervent fandom as the limited time jar of jam is quickly gaining popularity. The new Tart Cherry Fruit Spread from Trader Joe's has fans so enthralled, they'd just as soon eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon.

Though many are content to simply mainline the Tart Cherry Fruit Spread, you should know that among Trader Joe's aisles, there's a world of delicious products to perfectly complement this refreshingly sweet and tart commodity. If you're interested in grabbing some for yourself — or even an extra jar or two to share — dig in to explore the many ways you can make the most of your Tart Cherry Fruit Spread when paired with other Trader Joe's favorites.

Mix it with Burrata Filling and top a slice of toasted Sourdough Sandwich Bread

The best part about slicing open a ball of burrata is the gooey inner filling that oozes out. This cheese, called stracciatella, is made of sweet shreds of mozzarella that have a notably rich texture and a subtly sweet flavor. Trader Joe's has gone the extra mile to package up the best bits of burrata, resulting in this amazing spreadable cheese. The creamy combination of the stracciatella with a spoonful of Tart Cherry Fruit Spread makes a hearty breakfast or anytime snack.

Take your tastebuds to new heights when you whip up the two and spread the mixture on a slice of toasted Sourdough Sandwich Bread, which, in the words of Trader Joe's itself is "the very best bread for toast-making." Imagine the satisfying crunch and doughy chew of a sourdough slice topped with a melty-textured cheese and a tart note of stone fruit sweetness. It's a fantastic way to play with different flavors and consistencies to create an unforgettable treat.

Use it as a dip for crackers

What better way to enjoy a cracker than with an ideal dip? Tart Cherry Fruit Spread makes a wonderful alternative to a traditional cream-based dip by replacing it with a generous serving of fruit flavor. The thick, jam-like texture of the spread lends itself to warming first, ensuring it has a dip-appropriate consistency. It's imperative to ensure that your cracker can hold up to a thick dip, and so too should your dip be the right viscosity to handle a crunchy cracker.

To start, try the new Savory Squares available on Trader Joe's shelves. Made from a mixture of nut and seed flowers, this gluten-free and animal product-free version of the classic cheese cracker has all the taste of cheddar without any actual cheese. Dip them into a warm dish of tart cherry spread for a delicious vegan pairing. Also on the savory scale are the new Norwegian Sourdough Rye Chips, fried bits of the traditional brown bread in a conveniently curved shape that can be easily dipped into the Tart Cherry Fruit Spread for a satisfying matchup.

Make it a topping for freshly fried potato pancakes

If you're a fan of classic potato latkes with applesauce, then this simple heat-at-home version of Trader Joe's Potato Pancakes takes the guesswork — and the manual labor of grating potatoes — out of the equation for a convenient nosh any time of year. Whether in an air fryer, conventional oven, or in a skillet on the stovetop, the potato latkes are easily warmed up to perfection as a suitable vessel for Tart Cherry Fruit Spread.

Putting a spin on traditional toppings, try a hearty spoonful of the spread on your potato pancakes for an extra bit of sour and sweetness. This will pack a punch of flavor that transcends the typical cinnamon applesauce. If you're of the mind that latkes should have both sour cream and fruit topping, fear not, as the Tart Cherry Fruit Spread will also play perfectly alongside a dollop of sour cream or crème fraîche for a parallel of sour tastes.

Sauce up savory turkey

Pairing Tart Cherry Fruit Spread with tender turkey is a fun twist on an already time-honored duo of turkey and cranberry sauce. Swap out the cranberry component for tart cherries and enjoy a new depth of both sour and sweet flavors to complement the taste of your turkey. Give your turkey its rightful place in the spring and summer spotlight with a thorough saucing of Tart Cherry Fruit Spread, proving this protein is no longer just for fall holidays.

From sweet and savory burger patties to juicy medallions, Trader Joe's turkey offerings are a lot to be thankful for — especially when topped with a good helping of Tart Cherry Fruit Spread. Warming a portion of the fruit spread to add as a dressing on top of freshly grilled Trader Joe's Caramelized Onion & Bell Pepper Turkey Patties will make it the star of your next barbecue and beyond. Further, the spread also makes a wonderful addition to Trader Joe's conveniently prepared Sous Vide Turkey Breast Tenderloins, which are already seasoned with salt, garlic, and onion flavors.

Mix with overnight oats for a satisfying breakfast

Trader Joe's currently boasts a trio of overnight oats to make breakfast a breeze. It's hard to choose between the Vanilla Overnight Oats, which are soaked in almond beverage, the Strawberry Overnight Oats, which are soaked in coconut beverage, or the Peanut Butter Overnight Oats, which are mixed with peanut butter — but one thing is clear: Any or all of these flavors would be made even more amazing with the addition of, you guessed it, a spoonful of Tart Cherry Fruit Spread mixed in.

Mixing the vanilla flavor with almond milk is an obvious choice as almond and cherry are already a winning combination. The interplay of fruit flavors between the strawberry and cherry is just as much a home run. The peanut butter, however, seems to leave a bit of a question mark. Honestly, peanut butter and cherry is a flavor combo that is well overdue for its proper accolades. Think of the ultimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the form of a delightful overnight oatmeal, and there you'll find the absolute zenith of flavor pairings.

Use it as the ultimate ice cream topping

If you want peak summer refreshment, look no further than the bevy of creative ice creams lining the shelves of Trader Joe's freezer section. With a wide range of frozen desserts, Trader Joe's ice cream ranks highly with a good deal of unique flavors that would be made all the more fabulous and fruity with a topping of Tart Cherry Fruit Spread. Whether added to a scoop of Horchata Ice Cream or used as a drizzle or dip with some Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches, this spread is the ideal match with a tasty frozen treat.

A nice-sized spoonful of the fruit spread would make a spectacular addition to Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Getting even more fruity, Trader Joe's Super Strawberry Sorbet would play well with the stone fruit spread mixed in, striking a solid balance between sour and sweetness. Try a black forest-inspired take on Fudgy Cookie Dough ice cream by adding the taste of tart cherry to the already cool chocolate flavor. Any way you use it, this Tart Cherry Fruit spread will make your dishes even more dazzling.