Trader Joe's Cool New Mini Tote Bags Are Already Selling Out

Get ready to run down to your local Trader Joe's. The grocery chain's tote bag season is upon us, and if it's anything like the Stanley Cup craze, you may find yourself duking it out for a chance to buy the iconic bags. The company has once again released a line of mini totes, but this new launch features insulated bags.

In a post to Instagram, Trader Joe's Treasure Hunt, the internet's go-to spot for scoops on the retailer, announced that the chain has released a line of mini insulated tote bags. The bags, seen in hot pink and teal on Instagram, retail for $3.99. The new totes are just a smidge more expensive than Trader Joe's mini tote bags, which were the store's hottest new item when they were released earlier this year. The canvas totes came in four colors and inexplicably became a hot commodity at just $2.99.

While those tote bags have since gone to Trader Joe's heaven, along with a number of other items we wish it'd bring back, these new insulated bags are ripe for the picking, along with the larger bags they're based on. If the minuscule versions aren't large enough to pack up all your favorite Trader Joe's frozen appetizers, the Large Reusable Insulated Bag will do.

How many mini insulated tote bags can you buy?

If you plan on stocking up on a ton of the bags, we have some unfortunate news: Rumor has it that Trader Joe's is limiting customers to two bags per color amid claims that they're already being resold online. As one person commented on the Trader Joe's Treasure Hunt's post, "I saw people buying these on the weekend and I kept wondering why people had so many bags." Another person vented, "Here we go again," and a third begged, "Don't hoard."

While the purchase limit is bad news for hoarders, more shoppers will have a chance to get their hands on one or two. Following the release of the mini canvas totes earlier in 2024, the $2.99 totes were bought in droves, with some resellers trying to get up to $500 a pop for the minuscule bags — an absolutely bonkers rate for a 35% polyester bag that's less than a foot tall.

With the way the canvas totes were snapped up quickly, customers can only hope that Trader Joe's will produce an ample amount of mini-insulated bags to go around. If you don't happen to get the new bags this time around, keep an eye out for the canvas totes. The retailer shared with USA Today that the infamous bags will make a reappearance later this summer — just in time to stock up on Trader Joe's fall items.