Grill Frozen French Fries This Summer For An Easy Burger Side

Burgers and fries are as classic as it gets when it comes to traditional food pairings. During summer, you might typically pair grilled burgers with more refreshing sides like potato salad or fresh fruit — but there's an easy technique to make those classic frozen fries that doesn't require an oven or air fryer. All you need is the same grill that you might already have fired up for the burgers or kebabs on your cookout menu.

The last thing most of us want to do is to preheat and cook with the oven in the kitchen when it's already hot during the summer months — and the grill prevents that. This trick works even better if you're already using the grill because you certainly don't want to waste the precious, and often costly, gas if there's extra room on the grill. Grilling frozen fries on the grill also means you won't have to clean a baking sheet, empty an air fryer, or deal with frying oil. It'll be even easier to grill your burgers and fries together after you brush up on Tasting Table's essential grilling tips — like using the right tools and equipment.

Use foil pouches or disposable containers to safely grill frozen fries

You won't grill the fries directly on the grates so don't expect grill marks on your frozen fries. Instead, either wrap the fries in a pouch made with aluminum foil or use a disposable foil pan that fits on your grill. An entire bag of fries can fit in a larger foil pan if you need to feed a crowd and have sufficient grill space. Medium-high heat is the best temperature so the spuds have enough time to cook thoroughly without burning, which should take 20 minutes tops. The fries might even take on some of the smoky flavor expected from grilled foods.

Put some of our frozen fry cooking tips to the test and coat the fries in neutral oil or melted butter before they go onto the grill. Elevate your grilled fries further by tossing a few other ingredients into the foil pouches or pans. Make grilled bacon cheese fries with shredded cheddar or mozzarella and crumbled bacon bits. Add the toppings during the last few minutes of cooking time — and don't forget the ketchup for serving. For anyone who prefers sweet potato fries, we've got you covered with a ranking of the best store-bought sweet potato brands to cook on the grill too.