Trader Joe's S'mores Clusters Replaced This Beloved Discontinued Item

Trader Joe's giveth and Trader Joe's taketh away — by often discontinuing beloved items, that is. Such is the case with fan favorite S'mashing S'mores, which was quietly discontinued in 2023, leaving some fans devastated. As s'mores lovers scoured the snackosphere to find a suitable alternative, many found an almost exact dupe in See'Mores 4 Second S'Mores, available at Pete's Gourmet's online and in-store at some Sprouts locations. In the freezer aisle, Trader Joe's offered shoppers a new way to get their s'mores fix with S'mores Bars, a layered treat of graham cracker crust, fudgy brownie, and marshmallow fluff meant to be defrosted and enjoyed or warmed up in an air fryer. 

But a more direct replacement came with the S'more Clusters, a tasty snack comprised of s'mores fixins, though the clusters themselves and the packaging make them notably different from the original. These are limited, meaning they are made and ordered in limited amounts, and once they're gone, they're gone. Hopefully, the clusters are a summertime seasonal item, but if you see them in store and want to try them, you should grab them while you have the chance. 

S'mashing S'mores vs. S'mores Clusters

S'mashing S'mores and S'mores Clusters aren't exactly the same, though they both have the chocolate/graham cracker/marshmallow combo required to be a s'mores product. Both were/are available in 7-ounce packages, though the S'mashing S'mores came in a plastic tub compared to the clusters' bag. Both could be heated for a few seconds in the microwave for a more campfire-like experience. Despite the similarities, many on social media say that the OG product was much better than the newest iteration — which is our experience, too. These clusters are also not as good as some of the other varieties, including the Brookie Caramel Candy Clusters, which made it to number two on our ranking of best Trader Joe's candies

The S'mashing S'mores featured an even distribution of layers, with the marshmallow filling the entire middle. S'mores Clusters are, as the name suggests, clusters rather than bars like the original. We found that there is very little marshmallow in the clusters, which makes the chocolate much more pronounced. Similarly, the original had a thick, even layer of graham cracker crust, while the newer version's graham cracker is more spread out. Still, the clusters are popular and may fill the S'mashing S'mores-shaped void for some shoppers. If they aren't for you, other brands offer s'mores treats to try, or you can make actual s'mores for yourself — and even use a Trader Joe's staple to transform them